BTG’s = Basic Therapeutic Guidelines

6 03 2020

BTG’s or Basic Therapeutic Guidelines are guidelines to help maintain and create Take Care of Yourself Picturebetter health.  And it you practise these your overall stress level will be lower and energy will be higher.  When your energy is highest your immune system is functioning to its full capacity and your ability to ward of viral infections or infections in general will be much greater.  So I will list below what the guidelines are with a brief summary about each one.

  1. Sleep: Getting enough sleep and good quality sleep is paramount for liver detoxification and stress reduction.  There are many causes of sleep issues, make sure you get help so that the cause can be addressed.  Go to bed when you are tired and get at least 8 to 10 hours per night.  Get some adaptogen herbs from your natural health practitioner to help you if you are a person who travels a lot or works shift work, the herbs will help your body adapt to the strange schedule you keep.  Here is a “sleep hygiene” check list of actions you can take to improve your sleep.
  2. Diet: If you have chronic health issues or you just want to maintain good health use your Blood Type Diet, it is the easiest to follow and you are likely eating some of the foods on it anyway so there will likely not be too much to change.  If you have an auto-immune condition, then use the Auto-Immune Paleo diet for up to a year to help your gut heal. Regardless of what diet you are on, it should be low in refined foods or none at all, Ie. white flour, white sugar, corn starch, white rice, deep-fried foods, just to name a few. (Remember eating white sugar disables your white cell activity for several hours depending on how much you have eaten, see the research for yourself.) You want plenty of veggies, ie plate should be 3/4 veggies, plenty of good protein & fats and whole grains.  Make sure the diet is the one suitable to you.
  3. Water: Drink only purified water as tap water not only contains Chloride, but also drug residue that people pee into their toilets!  Yuck!  So find a way to get the water you can afford, do your research.  And no, the bottled water from the grocery store is a waste of money since it is basically tap water in a bottle.  Drink 15 to 30 mL per Kg of body weight per day between meals.
  4. Body Mindfulness:  There are many Body Mind Meditations and they are basically to help you tune into your needs so that you can take action for yourself so that you do not let stressors build up and create burn out.  Here is a link that is very good at explaining this in detail, click on the link for more detail: BodyMindMeditations.
  5. Essential Fatty Acids:  Take the oil that is right for you. Ie. Flax oil, Borage oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Fish Oil or a combination.  Make sure you get a brand that tests for heavy metals like; Genestra, Nordic Naturals, Professional Health Products to name a few.  And most adults need at least 3000 to 6000 mg per day.  Growing children & teens need 1000 mg right up to the 6000 mg mark for teenagers since their brains need it for development.  If you suffer from depression you could need up to 10,000 mg per day.  It is important for your gut lining, your nervous system your skin, blood, Ie. think cardiovascular health…stroke prevention, heart attack prevention since it naturally keeps the blood fluid and thin.
  6. Vitamin D:  Every adult needs at least 5000 iu per day up to 10000 iu per day depending on the person’s skin type and how much they are outside.  It is considered a hormone and helps prevent depression as well it keeps your immune system up and running.  You can buy the Vitamin D spot test so that you can determine at what level you are before beginning.  Kids need from 500 iu up to adult dosages for teenagers.  Here is a good webpage for information on Vitamin D  and another good article is written here.
  7. Exercise:  Do at least 30 minutes of cardio 3x per week in some form.  Make sure you break into a sweat, as this has been proven to reduce stress levels.  Also, do something you enjoy so that you will want to do it regularly!
  8. Probiotics & Naturally Fermented Foods:  Your gut produces many vitamins, digests your food, eliminates waste, absorbs minerals, fats and has serotonin receptor sites.  It is important to keep your waste levels low by eliminating at least 1x for every time you eat a full meal in order to keep the liver less toxic as doing so will keep up your mood and energy.  Did you know that 80% of the waste you eliminate via the bowel is bacteria?  There are only a few good brands of Probiotics, so don’t waste your time buying cheap brands as it will be a complete waste of money.  The brands I use are Genestra HMF series & Cytomatrix Multistrain series.  And it is important that you find a fermented food that you can eat daily to help the probiotics stay in your gut…or set up “house” as it were, since they will become your defence against offending bacteria that may make it through your stomach acid.  Water kefir is easy to make and inexpensive.  Kombucha is also good and easy to make.  Here are 2 links from my blog with recipes for both:  Water Kefir  Kombucha.  You can also try your hand at fermented vegetables or if you can have dairy then try eating yogurt or kefir.  (Coconut milk can also be made into yogurt or kefir as well.)

Ultimately, by doing all of the above lowers the “inflammation” in your body so that your immune system can spend its energy in helping you fight off foreign invaders like viruses etc.

Prophylaxis. What is it? Will it help?

4 03 2020

March 4th, 2020

UnknownWhen talking about dis-ease prevention whether it is caused by a bacteria or virus or something in-between, we are speaking about preparing the body to be able to ward off the microbe without succumbing to the actual illness that it causes.  There are many forms of this for instance even the seasonal flu vaccine is considered a prophylactic measure.  There are prophylactic remedies that are also made homoeopathically as well for the flu but are taken by mouth instead of by injection.  These remedies actually contain the part of the virus that your body can make antibodies to.  To be clear: the seasonal flu vaccine is an “attenuated” virus particle in a liquid medium and typically does not cause the disease.  (Please note this article is not written to discuss the negative side-affects of the flu vaccine and yes, there are negative side-effects and risks associated with any vaccine.  Each person must do the research themselves and decide whether it is a good choice for them.)

The homeopathic remedy for the flu does not contain the actual virus or even a virus particle, but what it does contain is the “energetic finger-print” of the virus.  For some people this is all they need to help stimulate their immune system and prepare for the virus.  This remedy needs to be taken frequently again when a person actually comes in contact with people who have the virus whereas the seasonal flu vaccine injection is only given once.

The idea with this approach is to build up your antibodies ahead of time, Ie. before you actually come in contact with the virus.

The down side to this approach is that in both cases the virus in the remedy or vaccine may not be the flu virus that is actually going around in your area.  So there is also another way to help boost your immune system with a remedy that is more general in nature.  But before I tell you about that remedy, let me also interject that remedies never take the place of good lifestyle habits like; plenty of sleep, good hygiene, proper nutrition, (including a low sugar diet, since sugar actually decreases your white cell count.), and using wellness therapies to keep yourself well. (ie. acupuncture, herbal therapy, homeopathic constitutional care, etc.)

The one Vitamin that can be helpful to boost the antibody level in your body is Vitamin A.  It is an anti-viral in general & will help boost your overall antibody levels.  The liquid Vitamin A is very good and is non-toxic, but you have to make sure it isn’t in Canola oil or Soybean oil.  The one made from Genestra called Amulsion is very good and you can likely buy it from certain compounding pharmacies.  You can safely take large doses for short period of time.  A large dose depends on your body size and can range from 3 drops to 10 or 15 drops which is equal to 30,000 to 150,000 iu of Vitamin A.  I do find that the capsules are even better especially the ones from Cod Liver Oil, but you need to consult your Natural Health Practitioner to get the dose that is the right one for you.  (Dosages would be the same as the liquid.)  In both cases, please submit yourself to your health practitioner of choice to determine dosage for you.

And note that if you decide to get a conventional seasonal flu vaccine, taking the appropriate dosage of Vitamin A for you the day prior to the vaccine will help you produce antibodies quickly to this vaccine and can also prevent you from having a “low energy” day following the injected vaccine.

How to Take Diaphoretic Herbs to combat flu viruses or any other viruses.

4 03 2020

March 4th, 2020

Diaphoretic Herbs are herbs that help your insides heat up so that you will sweat on the Diaphoretic Herbsoutside through your pores.  By doing so, they push viruses from the inside of you to the outside of is called “breaking the exterior” in Chinese Medicine.  There are different way to take herbs but the fastest most effective way is to take them in tea form and take them strong.  (I will go through how to make a strong herbal tea at the bottom of this blog post.)  You can also take them in tablet or liquid or capsule form, though again you can make each of these into a tea which will work the best to reduce aches, pains, fever etc.  

Before I go into how to make a tea properly to induce sweating to help you get rid of a virus, I will briefly discuss the main diaphoretic herbs that were traditionally used as well as a couple of formulas I like to use by Nature’s Sunshine.

The diaphoretic herbs traditionally used to induce sweating are as follows;

  1. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
  2. Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis)
  3. Spearmint (Mentha viridis, Mentha spicata)
  4. Catnip or Catmint (Nepeta cataria)
  5. Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis)
  6. Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)
  7. Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
  8. Blessed Thistle or Holy Thistle (Carduus benedictus)
  9. Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)
  10. Pleurisy root (Asclepias tuberosa)

The herbs listed from 1 to 7, most people know what they are and may even grow them.  Keep in mind that if you grow them the amount of fresh herbs to make a tea is at least double the dry form.  The most bitter of the diaphoretic listed are Yarrow & Bonset with Pleurisy root as the 3rd least tasty herb listed.  But Boneset can really help with the deep bone pain associated with flu bugs and should be mixed into a combination as follows;

1 part Yarrow, 3 parts Spearmint, 1 part Bonset for example.  The increase in the Spearmint will obviously help with the taste of the tea.  You can also add honey or stevia to sweeten it so you can drink it freely until you sweat.  Try different combinations for yourself, but always have in your combination Yarrow & Boneset when dealing with the flu.

Also, drinking it while soaking in the hot tub, sauna, or steam room or just wrapping yourself in several wool blankets while wearing wool socks and a wool hat can really help bring on the sweats so that you can sweat the virus out.  And the sooner you get to this the less you will suffer from the aches/pains of the flu.

As far as how to make a strong enough tea in order to make it work as above goes, this is how to do it.  Use your hand to measure out the tea and have a large tea pot with a wire mesh strainer to strain it as you pour.  I am not fond of tea balls or the David’s tea wire mesh strainers that sit inside the tea pot for this application (okay for a “nice cup of tea” though.)  because the tea will not be as strong since the boiling water cannot get fully around all the dried leaves. Ie. the surface area exposure is better since the dried herbs are not crammed up against each other.

So use your hand to measure the tea, 1 part is equal to 1 large handful of your hand…which is the right dose for you.  Steep the tea covered with a dishtowel or teapot cover to keep it warm, for 20 to 30 minutes to get it strong enough.  If you find it too strong you can always add some boiling water to it to dilute it a bit.  (and you can add some sweetener as stated above.)

Drink freely while wrapped up or exposed to hot temperatures in a steam room etc, (see above).   Drink it until you are sweating profusely.  Make sure you also drink plenty of purified water as well as fresh juices either fruit or vegetable.

As far as tablets, capsules or liquid extracts go, I just use the dose on the label and double it, put it into a mug and add hot boiling water.  Make sure you mix well and open up capsules so that the powder is in the water only.  This method isn’t as good, but if you are travelling it is often easier to travel with.  I like to use the AL-J tablets or glycerine extract by Nature’s Sunshine in this fashion.  But I also find that the tablets are easier taken as tablets…ie. swallow them rather than tea because they contain Horse Radish!  And if you take at least 2 up to 5 at a time every few hours I can pretty much guarantee you will be sweating!  Obviously you will need to wrap yourself up etc. to help induce sweating!


Spring Allergies! Spring Tonics! (Why Cleansing your Liver will often get rid of allergies.)

10 04 2018

When people think of tonics they often think of drinking an alcoholic images-10beverage with a few herbs for taste, but I am here to tell you different.

When talking about tonics especially “spring tonics”, what Herbalists are referring to is taking herbs that help “tone” the function of the liver.  Spring time is the time when the “liver” will want to get rid of toxins that have built up over the colder months of winter, or your wet season.  Since in the cooler months, no matter where you live, it is more difficult to get rid of toxins in your body because we are not “sweating” enough to get rid of them.  By the way, the way the liver releases toxins is through the bowel.

If the word “toxins” creates skeptism, then I would suggest visiting these websites to see how many pollutants, chemical & heavy metal by nature, are affecting our food and water.  In fact, you can read up on how many toxins are found in the “cord blood” of a new born baby.  It’s quite alarming!

The Environmental Working Group 

Greenpeace Canada

The Natural Resources Defense Council

Basically, the herbal “spring tonics” help the liver to do its functions of creating vitamins, hormones, making bile for fat emulsification, and detoxifying the body of its chemicals & heavy metals that get into the body through air, eating & drinking plus also through the skin.

Some of the gentle tonics in the herbal world are; Dandelion root & leaf, Cleavers, Milk Thistle, Yellowdock, Burdock, Nettle leaf, Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover Tops, just to name a few.  The easiest one to start with is Dandelion since it grows well in spring, though due to spraying I would not recommend collecting it within city limits or in ditches.  It’s best to buy it organic through markets etc.  The ideal way to take a spring tonic for the liver is in tea form, though for some, including me, the bitterness of some of the liver spring tonics is too much for tea.  You have to experiment a bit to see what you can handle.  Whatever the case, these tonics I’ve listed are very gentle and are not for deep detoxification, but would be useful for younger people and kids.

When considering allergies, think of a glass that is being filled up with “muddy” water with the “muddy” water representing toxins, it will overflow at some point giving you symptoms to deal with.  In the case of the liver, spring allergies is the overflow symptom that you often will get.

When dealing with severe allergies in spring, which is one of the main ways the liver will show it needs cleaning, people will often need a mixture of herbs that work both on bile production & lymphatic congestion.  The herbs that work on bile production will help the bowels move to eliminate waste build up in the colon which in turn helps take a load off the liver.  The lymphatic herbs help get the garbage from your lymphatic system and your liver into your bowel.  (Your bowels need to be moving 3x per day, after each meal if you are eating 3 meals per day or 1 or 2 if eating 1 or 2 meals per day.  They should be a “twoonie” size around and be as long as your arm…just FYI.)  The liver will keep your blood purified so that you can stay alive, but when your colon is full it will have a lot more work to do to keep the toxins from killing you so it will purify, purify, and purify!  So getting rid of that “solid waste” build up will take a load off the liver which will in turn give you more energy.

This more intensified herbal formula is usually taken in capsules since the teas would be to bitter to consume, though some can endure it.  These formulas must be applied by a professional who can make sure that it isn’t too strong for you to take and can also make sure that you combine a good “cleansing” diet with the herbs to get optimum performance.

Dark leafy greens, but not Kale since it has been shown to be high in a heavy metal called Thallium, the “spring mix” is good or the baby romaine lettuce or the baby spinach is good along with organic fresh lemon juice in water, organic lime juice, etc., light proteins like beans, lentils, some small fishes (check list for fish high in heavy metals), organic chicken, organic apples, organic carrots, organic beets are some of the foods you can eat on a cleanse.

Remember a cleansing diet is not enough as foods alone (unless you can eat things like Mustard Greens) will not have the power in their plant chemistry to promote the deeper detoxification phases of the liver.  You have to have the deeper cleansing herbs for that.

I am going to “refrain” from listing the deeper cleansing herbs only because I don’t want people to rush out and buy them, mix them up themselves without knowing how or what ratios to use etc., you really need to consult with someone who is “in the know”.  Sorry to those who are disappointed about this, but I will say that Christopher Hobbs who has written a book many years ago on Liver Herbs, has very good information for those who want a reliable reference book to help themselves with.

1. Natural Therapy for Your Liver by Christopher Hobbs.

2. Foundations of Health by Christopher Hobbs. (Limited Availability)

In conclusion, when you clean out your liver via herbs, diet, skin brushing, colon cleansing etc., you ultimately lower the toxins in your blood which in turn makes you less susceptible to allergies in the spring.  But if you find you still have allergies after consulting a professional, as well as using ideas from the above publications, then you may need some homeopathic remedies, which I will have to write about in another blog post, since it goes beyond the scope of this article.


This article is written for educational purposes only and whoever reads this is solely responsibility for applying or not applying the suggestions.  This article does not take the place of consulting with professionals in the Holistic Health field as well as those in the Western Medical field.  Trying things on your own should be coupled with advice from the appropriate person.

Follow Up Visits & Our Work & Product Guarantee

6 04 2018

Product & Work Guarantee Guidelinesimages-9

At Hirai Health Services we have a “Product” Guarantee, which means that if you are given a product that you cannot take for some reason then you can return it for a full refund provided you meet these criteria:

For Product Refunds:

              1. You have only taken up to 7 days worth of the remedy prior to discovering that you cannot take it because it bothers you in some regard.  

              2.  You have called the office and talked to me about this first within 2 weeks of your first appointment, before coming back with the item.  (Sometimes it has to do with “how” you are taking the remedy so that if you call first I will talk to you about how to take it properly, if it applies to your remedy/situation.)

             3.  You bring it back to me within 4 weeks of purchasing it from me at the office.

Work Guarantee Criteria:

             1. You have to have had an initial appointment & a follow up at least 6 weeks later in order to “qualify” for a “free” reassessment.

             2. The “free” reassessment would take place no later than 8 week from your “follow-up” visit.

             3. You must have followed, to the best of your ability, the program set out for you in both the “initial” & “follow up” appointment times.  This means both diet & remedy recommendations.

             4. Note: The free reassessment refers to the appointment only, not the remedies.  If you are in need of additional remedies than you would have to pay for these.


In summary, the work guarantee is to “re-assess” why the main symptom or symptom picture has not been improving in the 8 to 12 week period that you have been working on it with my guidance.  Please be aware that some issues require persistence for many weeks or months to get rid of, so in those cases even small improvements are noteworthy and will not qualify  for a “reassessment”.






Concussion Conclusions. End Your Pain With Arnica montana.

4 04 2018

Why you need Arnica montana in your First Aid Kit, read more…..images-3

What is Arnica montana?

It is an alpine plant that has a “sunny” look.

Is it toxic in any way?  Yes, it is, but only if you take it in tincture form or apply to an open wound.  Some herbalists give small amounts of tincture out with a small dosage such as 1 drop per day, much like you get small dosages for Tylenol or Advil.

The very best way to take it, which is non-toxic, and completely safe is in its homeopathic form.  If you are not familiar with Homeopathy, you can read about how it was started and the way medicines are made to help you understand how the plant chemistry is diluted out using serial dilutions, while leaving the plant “hologram” or “energy” behind in the test tube.  This method of remedy preparation is called “Potentisation”.

Read about Homeopathy from this link:

History of Homeopathy & How Homeopathic Remedies Work.

Arnica is works by allowing increased blood flow to the area which allows oxygen and white cells to increase healing in bruised or swollen tissues and tissues with high amounts of lactic acid or anything else that will contribute to inflammation.  Thus it works well for concussions and in Homeopathy is the remedy of choice for this condition.  It is very important to actually see a practitioner who can help pick out the correct potency & tell you how to actually take the remedy properly as in how many times per day and how long as in days, weeks etc.  Otherwise, you will not get optimal results and if not taken correctly you may get “minimal” results.

If you have a fall or any injury it is wise and best to take Arnica pellets sublingually right after the accident or fall if you can.  Keep some in your glovebox in your car and in your first aid kit in your backpack.  That way the Arnica pellets are handy in the event of an accident.

The usual potency is 200K or 30K, but often you have to pick these up from your local Homeopathic practitioner as the vials sold in Health Food Stores are usually the “ch”-type potencies, which are more for the “emotional” trauma of accidents.

What I do:  I use the 200k with a higher potency like 10M to achieve excellent results with people.  The dosage is 5 granules 3 times per day up to every hour in case of very serious accident like a car accident or pedestrian accident.

It is safe for the elderly & children since it is a “dynamized” remedy with now chemical properties left in it from the Homeopathic Dilution process.

Say “goodbye” to concussions, bruises, sore muscles & can even be used for jet lag, scarring etc.  Please contact your local Homeopathic Practitioner for further details.



Disclaimer:  This information is for educational purposed only and is the full responsibility of the person who decides to “act” on this information.  This does not take the place of Emergency care from a hospital or a doctor or any other formal medical care.  It is advisable to have  “health team” where you have a Homeopath, Medical Doctor, Herbalist, Naturopath, etc. so that you can get comprehensive care.



Butt Zingers; remedies to make your butt sing!

2 11 2016


Don’t be afraid to talk about your pooper!  Very important as it plays a role in your detoxification and since colon cancer is in the top 10 cancers you can get, taking care of this organ will help prolong your life.  Pooping counts!  Take note how often you go, if you are bloated after you eat, if you have smelly gas, odorless gas, sharp pains in your gut or an irritation on the lower right side of your abdomen and if your stomach feels “hard”.  If you have any of the above symptoms then you need some “Butt Zingers”.

There are many remedies to make your “butt zing”….which means these remedies get your “pooper” working 3x per day without gas, bloating, pain etc.    Contrary to a lot of rumors  your bowel was made to release its contents after each meal.  When your stomach becomes full of food the rectum should be triggered and it will give you a signal that you need to have a bowel movement.  Take the time to poop!  If you are too busy to poo, then you are too busy!

Here is a list of “Butt Zingers”, try one or a few of these suggestions on your own if you like, but if you don’t have any success or little success after 4 weeks, then I would see a professional herbalist or a natural health professional of your choice.  (I am available for face to face appointments as well as appointments over “face time” or “skype”)

Butt Zinger #1: Fiber Drink for a Daily Cleanse.  We have all heard about this 30 grams of fiber deal, but it isn’t near enough and is the minimum recommended amount of fiber per day.  You can get the minimum by taking 2 heaped tbsp of ground golden flax seed in water and you can add psyllium to even make the fiber content higher.  If psyllium makes you bloated then use ground chia seeds or you can even add finely ground oat or wheat bran if you are allowed to have grains or gluten.  (Note: oats are gluten free if the package says so, wheat bran will be contaminated with gluten.) Roughly each tbsp or 15 mL of ground flax, psyllium hulls/seeds & chia equals about 5 grams.  If you are living in a colder country (Ie. any place that has all 4 seasons) then you will need to take at least 2 fiber drinks per day.  The reason for this is simply because the food eaten in colder countries is heavier so more fiber is needed to “push” this food along in the intestines helping you to eliminate properly.

How to Take A Fiber Drink Properly

Butt Zinger #2:  Eat Fermented Foods Daily.  You drink water kefir, milk kefir, eat yogurt, eat fermented vegetables, & do it daily so that you can keep the good bacteria in your gut up to high enough levels to help you to produce enzymes, Vitamin K & other vitamins as well as to simply increase your digestion & assimilation of food. (Ie. better energy, no gas, better skin etc.) Here are some recipes for you to make your own fermented foods:  Water Kefir, Kombucha, Fermented Vegetables.

Butt Zinger #3: Do a Bowel Cleanse using Bentonite Clay, Psyllium hulls/seeds ground, Ground Flax Seed in combination with a Parasite Cleanse like Parapak from Nature’s Sunshine or use Black Walnut/Cloves/Wormwood and in conjunction with bowel herbs or Magnesium citrate.  There is different quality in herbs that you buy so I am suggesting this Black Walnut tincture or capsules & I would capsulate your own clove capsules because it seems that the brands I have tried already capsulated are not as potent.  If you buy the powder from a reliable health food store it should make your tongue “numb” & be fairly bitter/spicey in your mouth.  As far as the Wormwood goes I get my tincture in bulk & it works better than the capsules.  (Yes, it is quite bitter, but you only take about 4 to 6 drops in water & then eat an apple to get the taste out of your mouth.)  The parasite cleanse lasts for up to 8 weeks depending on what you have going on.  I am available for appointments to help you out with this either in person or over Skype.

        If you decide to do the Clay/Psyllium/Flax seed mixture, you will want detailed instructions on how to do this properly.  You can use Dr. Bernard Jensen’s 7 day cleanse as a guide, and yes, it was intended for those who can fast for 7 days, but you can modify it to include “light” cleansing meals/shakes if required.  I am not advocating people to fast since it is not for everyone.  (I did not include the other supplements he uses in it, so if you are wanting to do the cleanse with the supplements email me and I will give the names of them to you with the substitute supplements for those of us in Canada eh:)) Check out the modified version here. 

Butt Zinger #4:  Take Magnesium Citrate before bed & in the morning to make your poo softer & easier to release in the morning & afternoon.  Remember the train rule, 3 trains in, 3 trains out….Ie. 3 meals in & 3 meals out!  If you are not pooping 3x per day & they are not as long as your arm & a “toonie” in diameter then you are not pooping enough!  The amount of Magnesium you need will vary person to person…so you have to play with it a bit before you can get this down to an art.  But you still want your stools formed, soft and easy to eliminate.

Butt Zinger #5:  Make sure that you keep away refined foods like white sugar, white flour, white rice because these tend to “gum” up the colon & it will have a difficult time eliminating for you as the Ascending Colon on the right side of your body has to work against gravity to get rid of the poo & if there is not enough fiber in your diet or supplements then you will get a build up inside your intestines which will make you toxic over time & have very low energy or lower energy than optimum levels.

Butt Zinger #6:  If your gas is smelly you are having trouble with digesting proteins or you have parasites so you will need to either change the type of protein you are eating, or the way you cook it, or use digestive bitters or enzymes to digest the protein better.  Betaine HCl is usually the one used in this case or a parasite cleanse or both!  If your gas has no smell then you are not digesting your carbohydrates well so you will need to take grains out of your diet, or use a “pancreatic” digestive aid like the Digestive Enzymes Nature’s Sunshine sells, or you also need a parasite cleanse or a combination of all of these. (If you want the Nature’s Sunshine enzymes, I do have them for sale.)

Butt Zinger #7:  Do colon hydrotherapy or colonics at least every fall & spring in a series of 3 to 6 at the most 2 weeks apart but best is weekly or every 3 to 4 days.  This will help to clean out the build up and free your liver up from keeping the toxins out of your blood from a toxic colon.  (Ie. The liver detoxifies through the colon.)  This is also practicing “health prevention” since colon cancer is in the top 10 most common cancers.

Butt Zinger #8: Take a high quality probiotic.  I use the Seroyal/Genestra HMF probiotics because they are “Human Microflora strains” which will not be easily washed out of the colon because they form a “living” wallpaper in the intestine.  Seroyal has many different types of probiotics but the most common one I use is the HMF Intensive, HMF Super Powder, HMF plain capsules, HMF Replete & now they have introduced the HMF Travel version which I am very excited about using!  I assess each person to determine which one they need and just to clarify, most if not all of the probiotics bought at the health food store are not good quality & they usually “wash” out of the colon in 4 days because they are bacteria strains sourced from cows.  So don’t waste your money.  When you use a good quality probiotic you will notice some sort of difference in your digestion.  Ie. less gas, bloating etc.  Please also note, studies show that probiotics are best used along side a good diet rich in “fermented” foods as listed above.

Butt Zinger #9:  Drink water with no Chlorine in it or drugs, yes, prescription drugs & other contaminants.  Ultimately use a filter and check it every 3 months to make sure it is still filtering adequately.  You can buy “spa” drops or “oto” drops at your nearest hardware type store for a few dollars & they will show if the water has Chlorine in it by turning the water yellow or another colour…check the instructions.  In case you weren’t sure why I put this as important for the intestines, particularly for the colon, it is because Chlorine kills the good bacteria in your gut, plus it also competes with Iodine so that your Thyroid will be functioning low…..both cause sluggishness in the colon & decreased elimination which means increased toxicity in the body. 

         And remember, I am only talking about the Chlorine in the water.  There are traces of prescription drugs in the water too…& only God knows what that does to your colon.

         The other factor to remember about water is to make it “alkaline” water.  I know there is great debate over R/O water, distilled water etc…but most people need “alkaline” water because it absorbs better.  The only reason why people should drink R/O or distilled water is simply to detoxify metals or other toxins out of the body for certain dis-eases like cancer for instance…or if you simple “feel” better using the R/O or distilled water.  Otherwise, drink alkaline water…at least pH 7.5 to start. 

          Also, water helps keep the stools soft, but you have to be absorbing it if you want this result.  Each person, child & adult, should be drinking at least 1/2 oz of water per lb of body weight or for us Canadians it is 1.1 oz or 32.5 mL per Kg of body weight.  So every adult is between 1 to 3 litres per day of water at least.  And if you sweat a lot, drink more. 

Butt Zinger #10:  Eat lots of dark green leafy veges, wheat grass, cruciferous vegetables, sprouts etc.  Basically, anything with chlorophyll helps soothe the colon, plus there are other vitamins & plant chemicals that help the body get rid of environmental poisons & toxins.  Wheat grass is very powerful & can be used in a “retention” enema to help with deep healing & detoxifying of the liver.  Seroyal’s concentrated Chlorophyll is very good as well as the Nature’s Sunshine Preservative Free Chlorophyll which is mint flavoured if you have trouble with the straight concentrate.  Both are sourced from alfalfa & are wonderful for soothing irritated guts.  Nature’s Sunshine also sells the Chlorophyll capsules which work when travelling when you cannot get enough veges into you & your intestines become too acidic.  Ie. symptom…burning butt hole, or just cranky guts without diarrhea.  This is not the cure for traveller’s diarrhea….that is a whole different kettle of fish!  (Look for a blog post on this in the near future.)

Remember; when you have taken care of your colon your butt will “zing” for you!

Please note: these health tips are for information only and are not meant to diagnose or treat anyone.  The reader assumes all responsibility for applying or not applying any of the recommendations here.

BTG’s = Basic Therapeutic Guidelines

10 03 2020

I have added more links to articles and research supporting my ideas. I would recommend putting into practise the suggestions in this article for improved health all around no matter what the state is that you are in.

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BTG’s or Basic Therapeutic Guidelines are guidelines to help maintain and create Take Care of Yourself Picturebetter health.  And it you practise these your overall stress level will be lower and energy will be higher.  When your energy is highest your immune system is functioning to its full capacity and your ability to ward of viral infections or infections in general will be much greater.  So I will list below what the guidelines are with a brief summary about each one.

  1. Sleep: Getting enough sleep and good quality sleep is paramount for liver detoxification and stress reduction.  There are many causes of sleep issues, make sure you get help so that the cause can be addressed.  Go to bed when you are tired and get at least 8 to 10 hours per night.  Get some adaptogen herbs from your natural health practitioner to help you if you are a person who travels a…

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How to Take Diaphoretic Herbs to combat flu viruses or any other viruses.

4 03 2020

via How to Take Diaphoretic Herbs to combat flu viruses or any other viruses.

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