Tips For Having a Great Winter. You Don’t Have to Have the Winter Blues

26 11 2012

Winter Blues….can be beat!

I have personally dealt with this issue myself.  I have had trouble with winter since I was a kid.  I have helped people overcome this problem through various means.  I have observed and researched why people suffer from depression and have found ways to resolve this issue.  It is more than taking Vitamin D, though it can be a part of it.  The low light levels in winter months and the months leading up to the winter solstice Ie. September, October, November, will bring out imbalances in the body that are already there but become worse with low light levels.  Weather always brings out the body’s imbalances.  Some of the symptoms include the following; mood swings, blaming other people for your mood, blaming any outside circumstances for your mood, isolating oneself, lack of motivation, low or high sex drive, irritability, frustration, feeling hopeless, thoughts of suicide etc.

Here is a list of some of the precursors to being susceptible to having winter depression;

1. Mood swings(significant0 in teen years.

2. Growing up in a stressful situation.

3. Ongoing stress in your life causing pre-burnout or  burnout.

4. Predisposition to depression in general.

5.  Poor diet lacking in minerals and essential fatty acids.

6.  Growing up with one or more parents who are depressed.

7.  Poor Gallbladder function.  Ie. Poor digestion of fats.

Some of these remedies can be useful, but if you suffer from SAD you absolutely NEED to see a health professional or a few health professionals…because it can be complicated. Depending on your body type and the cause of the depression can be the following;

1. Vitamin D…the right form for you…chewables, liquid, capsules or tablets…I have found that people will do better on a certain form of Vitamin D.  I have not figured out what the difference is.  But it is not unusual to find that certain people do better with liquids versus capsules…I see it all the time with herbs.

2. SAD light.  Using the full spectrum UV light for Seasonal Affective Disorder is very good.  It really helps to nourish the Pineal Gland…which if you didn’t know is the gland in your head that takes in the light of the outdoor atmosphere around you….and brings light into your body.  It regulates the gonadotrophic hormones which will control a woman’s cycle for instance.  Need to use it regularly starting the 1st of October or earlier for some people.  Start with 5 minutes per day and gradually use it more and more until you reach 1 hour per day right before the winter solstice.  You may need to do up to 1 hour per day in January too, but come February you often do not need it for more than 20 minutes per day.

3. Minerals.  Trace minerals, multi minerals.  Some of the ones I have used with success are; Nikken’s Womens’s & Men’s Vitamin/Mineral, Nature’s Sunshine’s Synerpro Super Vitamin/Mineral and  True Hope’s Mineral Formula which was made for healing mental health issues.

4. Avoid foods that you are sensitive to.  Ie.  Dairy products can give you a “brain allergy”.  Gluten can also contribute.  Refined sugars are a definite no-no.

5.Take Essential Fatty Acids.  It varies, but I use a lot of Borage oil and Fish oil that has a high EPA/DHA content…700mg to 800mg per a 1000 mg capsule.  Usually, most need at least 2 to 4 capsules Borage Oil and from 4 to 10 capsules of fish oil per day.  The fish oil I use is heavy metal free.

6. Heavy Metal Detoxification.  There was a Doctor, can’t think of his name, but he used to be able to look at a cadaver’s brain and be able to tell what metal was in their mouth! Scary!  Heavy metals affect brain function hands down.  I know of a man who was so heavily intoxicated with metals that he had to have shock treatments….to function!  After one IV chelation treatment he was feeling back to normal…though he had several more to complete the treatments.  I do oral heavy metal detoxification with people and it also works, though if you are severe you may need the IV treatments which are done at the Naturopathic Doctor’s office.

7. Blood sugar.  Keep it balanced.  Get rid of refined foods!  They are the main cause of mental health issues.  Some people need to completely go off all grains to get rid of the yeast in the intestines which gives foggy thinking, mood swings, sugar cravings etc.  I have used Chromium & Glucoreg with people and it really helps to keep your brain waves steady…with no ups and downs…along with a whole food diet.

8. Eat foods with high quality protein & fats.  The brain is made up of fats and proteins….eat them helps to nourish your brain.  You may need digestive enzymes to take, and or a gallbladder/liver flush to get rid of the gallstones that are impeding the fat digestion.  By the way, the Gallbladder meridian goes from the temples on the head then back and forth a number of times around the ear….right on the noggin….what a coincidence isn’t it…that Gallbladder can affect mental health and the winter blues!

9.  St. John’s wort & Pineal Gland supplements.  These can be very useful particularly if you have suffered from SAD as a child/teenager….but work very well for severe cases.  You can get St. John’s wort off the shelf, but the good quality ones are not sold in health food stores…particularly the capsules.

All these things can help depending on the person and their body, the best thing to do is always get a health professional to help you if you are not able to figure it out yourself.




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