Gallbladder/Liver Flush

8 01 2013

There are a few myths regarding the liver/Gb flush or the Gallbladder flush as it is also called.  Some of imgres-1the myths are; it is a cleanse, you will get stones stuck in your bile ducts, the stones that come out are really soap created by olive oil and your bile reacting together; it does not really do anything so just get your gallbladder out because you don’t really need it…the list goes on and on.

Here are some facts;  If you use the epsom salts as part of the flush that you are doing…this is the recipe that I recommend AND  you follow the directions of the whole procedure with the help of a Holistic Health Practitioner…then I have never is 17 years seen anyone get a stone stuck in their bile ducts.  I also have seen, and experienced myself, people avoid gallbladder surgery with this procedure.  AND though some natural health practitioners will say that “soap” is made with the flush and the stones are tiny and inside the “green pea” that comes out….I think though there might be an element of truth to this… the fact is that I have seen stones that are large and hard come out of a gallbladder that was removed from a patient..back in my histology days.  So I believe a lot of the stones are larger than what people think.

I can also tell you that in the 17 years I have done these flushes myself and counselled countless others to do the same…I have seen nothing but good come out of this flush.  People who had trouble with years of chronic constipation have been cured plus others, like myself, have avoided this needless Gallbladder surgery.

What is this flush anyway??  You may be asking this.  It is a procedure to “clear the bile pathway through the common bile duct” into the duodenum.  It is not a “cleanse” in the true sense…as cleanses involve using herbs orally along with a cleansing diet…and usually lasts for at least 1 week.  Cleanses involve at least 3 colonics over that same time period.  Cleanses remove toxins at the cellular level…the action of the herbs..and focus on the liver, kidney, lymph and bowel.  Other procedures such as skin brushing are also incorporated in order to intensify the cleanse.  The biggest point to take home with you is this; Cleanses clean cells, Liver/Gallbladder flushes clean out the bile ducts so that the liver can dump the toxins from a cleanse into the bile..the way the liver detoxifies..into the intestines to be eliminated.

Often the Liver/Gallbladder flush is done at the end of a cleanse, but I am here to tell you that…because it assists in getting out the toxins…I believe it should be done at the beginning of the cleanse and also and the end of the cleanse.


A few things to consider if you are contemplating doing this;

1. If it is your first time, consult with a natural health practitioner first.  There are some contraindications and other pre-cleanse procedures that need to be considered in order for the flush to be a success.

2. Have a colonic before and after the first flush for sure and maybe even the second flush.  Most people have to start with 2 flushes spaces out 1 to 2 weeks in order to get the whole gallbladder and liver flushed out.  Some even need to start with 3.  This can be determined when you consult with your Natural Health Practitioner.

3. Make sure you follow the diet recommended before the cleanse, it is mainly the day of…though if it is the first time doing it you may want to do the extended version which requires the lemon juice or apple juice for 5 to 7 days leading up to it.  For those that fast, they will fast on those two juices, for the many that do not fast, they can just eat a fat free diet for 5 to 7 days and incorporate the juices in between meals.

For the Gallbladder/Liver flush instructions please visit my webpage:


This blogpost does not in any way take the place on consulting with a Holistic Health Practitioner and is definitely not meant to prescribe or treat or give advice.  It is for information purposes only.






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