Cold Remedies for Self Administration

5 02 2013

If you have been plagued with colds this year or last year and want to learn how you can help yourself to imgres-3get rid of these nasty bugs quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective way.  (Ie. Not having to go to your Naturopath or Natural Health Practitioner and pay for an in office visit.)  Then, this article is for you!

First off, colds.  There are really 3 or 4 items that you may need, depending on how you have been eating and your constitution AND how stressed out you are.

1.  As soon as you start getting that tickle in your throat, you will want to reach for any Aromatic Herbs like Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, or Mint….Peppermint Essential Oil ideally, though a strong Peppermint tea will also work….no, not the tea bags you have, but a strong, organic, loose leaf tea.  Take one or two drops on the back of your hand and then lick them off quickly.  You will experience the “opening up” of your nasal passages and the freshening up of your throat.  For mild cold symptoms, Peppermint is a great herb to get rid of the cold symptoms you have.

For colds that are going to the chest or  sinuses, Garlic or Licorice is good taken it tablets or capsules.  I use the Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) Garlic, which I find is very good and at the most you need 1 tablet 3x per day.  The NSP Licorice I recommend is about 2 capsules 3x per day.  Cayenne Pepper is good if you take about 1/8 to 1/4 tsp in some Lemon water, mix, then drink through a straw.  It will soothe a sore throat.

There is also Composition Powder or Herbal Crisis formula which is  a combination of herbs that you could probably pick up at your local herbalist.

2. The next item is a good quality Vitamin C.  If you are allergic or sensitive to Vitamin C, then you will want to have Ester C.  The Vitamin C that I recommend most is Nature’s Sunshine Vitamin C because it is pharmaceutical grade and thus top quality without being expensive.  I usually recommend taking 2,000 mg 3 to 4 x per day to get rid of the cold.

3.  The next item is the 12 Tissue Salts or a specific Homeopathic Remedy for Colds such as Phosphorus, Gelsemium, Allium Cepa, Arsenicum album, Nux vomica etc.  The 12 Salts you can buy at most health food stores, but the single remedies I listed are best administered by a practitioner or if you have a small book with an emergency homeopathic kit that gives you tips on what the remedies are used for then you can administer them yourself.

What the 12 Tissue Salts will do is they will “dry up” your nose very quickly.  The single remedies will help get rid of the whole cold.

Additional notes:

Most mild to moderate colds can be dealt with using the 12 Tissue Salts & a high quality Vitamin C.  (Remember, Health Canada is not interested in quality, so anyone can sell Vitamin C…it is up to you to know who is the best to buy it from.:))  Also, the rule of thumb is that everything above the neck needs Vitamin C and everything below the neck needs Vitamin A.

More complex colds must have the Aromatic herbs or Composition Powder and possibly the homeopathic single remedy.  You will know by trial and error:)  But the Vitamin C & 12 salts must also be used.

If you are chronically getting sick it is a sign that you need to cleanse:)  So go on a juice fast and do a few colonics to clean up the system!

Please note:  if you have a fever, it is more than the common cold…often it is the “flu” or it could be a bacterial infection or a more serious virus.

Watch for my next blog on how to fight off the flu!

If you found this information helpful…let me know!




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