St John’s Wort & The Positive Effects on Video Gaming in Adolescence.

4 04 2013

tumblr_lsca52xEEU1qmzqsj  Gaming is hot these days and with two parents working it becomes easier and easier for kids to stay on their computers for hours.   As kids reach adolescence the results of this become more and more sinister since they often play shooting games which can be quite disturbing to them as well as their parents.  Having filters on your computer, putting a lock on the computer room door and putting time limits, with consequences, if these are not followed, are all great ways to create boundaries around a great TIME WASTER!  

          As much as these games can help with hand/eye coordination as well as some creativity, they can make kids lazy as well as for some, especially with glandular issues, these games can affect their behaviour and cause them to become aggressive in action as well as by mouth,  in their home environment in particular.

          When this occurs it is very distressing.  It is also distressing when children cannot do anything else but stay on their computers since that is all they can seem to focus on.  For some kids herbs & supplements can be helpful.  In particular those kids who seem to be fixated on the screen or act out both verbally and physically.

The two main supplements that I have used with success in kids is; St. John’s Wort and Fish Oil.  The key is to take a good quality St. John’s Wort and Fish Oil AND at the correct dosage.  I like the Nature’s Sunshine St. John’s Wort in particular as it really only takes about 2 capsules 2x per day in extreme cases to get results.  In sensitive children, this really works within 48 to 72 hours.  The Fish Oil is best at the 800 mg of COMBINED EPA & DHA content NOT the total mg in the capsule.  Ie. Most capsules are 1000 mg, but what is important is the EPA & DHA total combined.  

For large kids, tall in particular, they need at least 6000 mg up to 8000 mg of the total EPA & DHA  content in order for it to work.  Divide both the St. John’s Wort in two doses as well as the Fish Oil and give at breakfast and at dinner time.  This will feed the gland in the head, that is particularly affected by the light and movement going into the eyes…the pineal gland.  

            This is very important to note that the pineal gland which is regulated by light and dark …thus the changes from fall to winter…is involved in Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The fact is the Pineal Gland itself becomes less active in producing Serotonin when the teenage hormones kick-in because the body is focussing on the reproductive hormones and Serotonin.  As well, with growth spurts, huge amounts of energy is spent growing…and those who are tall need a lot of glandular support or they can become depressed. (Remember, depression is best thought of as a continuam with mild to moderate to severe being different states of this problem.)

           Well, what does this have to do with video games, you may ask.  Good question.  The video games give false stimulation to the pineal gland through the eyes and they become “hooked” or addicted to the games.  Using St. John’s wort, fish oil and other glandular supports given to you by YOUR Natural Health Practitioner is useful to support the pineal gland while your teen is going through the physical changes.  This will help stop the “physical” attraction to the computer games, because the glands will not need to be stimulated as they will be functioning more at a normal level easing their moods and creating harmony within.

           As always, this information is not intended to diagnose or treat and definitely does not take the place of professional medical advice whether by your M.D., N.D., Herbalist, etc.



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