Get the Most Out of Your Homeopathic Flu Remedy. (How-to instructions.)

11 11 2014

        The homeopathic way of preventing the flu requires you to take the Thymus booster, which will be imageseither the H-TYP or the Thymus granules, ON WHAT I CALL DAY 1 OF THE FIRST WEEK AND THE INFLUENZINUM REMEDY ON DAY 2 OF THE SAME WEEK.  YOU REPEAT THIS FOR 5 WEEKS.  Please mark on your calendar the designated days that you will do it.  If you miss a day, don’t worry just do it the next day you haven’t ruined the schedule.  Just try your best to stick to the schedule.  I would recommend that everyone in the family takes the remedy at the same time, same day etc…makes life easier. 🙂

The difference between this and the conventional flu vaccine is; a) Homeopathic flu remedies are energetic by nature and thus there is no danger of obtaining another virus from this remedy as you can get from the conventional flu shot.   It does not contain the actual virus, but it contains the energetic frequency of the virus prepared in a dynamic way using serial dilution methodology.  b) It does not contain harmful preservatives such as formaldehyde or mercury or any other preservative.


       The homeopathic flu remedy consists of either small, poppy-seed granules or the regular sized granules found in the multi-dose tubes of homeopathic remedies.  The former is more efficient at exhibiting prophylactic care because you dump the whole vial in your mouth at once and it thus covers a greater surface area in the mouth.  The greater the surface area, the better it works.  The latter can also work but you would need to take at least 15 to 20 granules in your mouth in order to produce a similar effect as the smaller poppy-seed sized granules.   I am in favour of the former and thus use this one whenever it is available.

       We used to be able to get the Thymus activator in the same forms either poppy-seed or regular-sized granules, but since the government of Canada’s Health Branch went on a rampage over these last few years they have removed off the market for some weird, unknown, & unexplained reason.  (There is a lot of fear in the Health Branch plus a lot of politics as we all know.)  Thus, in order to remedy this I have included either a Thymus 9ch or a 6ch or the H-TYP Homeopathic tincture from Seroyal which may not be quite as good as the Thymulline 9ch but it will still help you produce an immune response from the flu remedy.  


         Before getting into how to actually take the program effectively, please make sure you understand how to actually take the homeopathic remedies.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking homeopathic remedies;

 A.  Store remedies away from heat, light, electrical & electromagnetic energy.

B.  Make sure you have a “clean mouth” before taking these or any other homeopathic remedies.  This means no taste of any food or drink or any mint from toothpaste should be lingering in your mouth prior to taking these.  If you find that you do have a taste in your mouth, please rinse your mouth out until the taste is gone.

C.  You can have water before these remedies or any other homeopathic remedy, but no food or other drink within 45 MINUTES of taking these remedies.  Normally, for other homeopathic remedies it is 15 MINUTES, but in this case when using it preventatively or prophylactically, you must abide by these rules.

D.  In order to take the granules, you must turn the vial over with the lid facing down, then twist the vial and count the granules into the lid.

          a)For the Thymus Granules;  you may need to just do 10 granules in the lid at a time and 25 may be difficult to count.  Remove the lid carefully and without touching the granules with your hands, dump the contents into your mouth and allow the granules to dissolve.  Remember to wait 45 minutes before eating or drinking.

          b)For the Influenzinum Remedy, remove a vial from the box, (there are 5 of them because you take 1 per week for 5 weeks.) take off the lid by gently twisting it, then dump the contents directly into your mouth and allow to dissolve.  Remember to wait the 45 minutes before eating and drinking.

E.  In order to take the drops, just put about 2 tbsp of purified water, not tap water in a glass, then simply remove the cap off the bottle and tilt on an angle while counting the drops into the water in the glass.  Swirl the glass to mix drops and put the whole amount into your mouth and swish for 15 to 30 seconds before swallowing.  Remember to wait the 45 minutes before eating or drinking.


(This is a five week program.)

For Adults:

Step 1:

Week 1/Day 1:  Take either the Thymus granules or the H-TYP in these doses;  25 granules/ 20 drops.  (See above for exact directions on how to take these remedies properly.)

Step 2:

Week 1/Day 2:  Take the Influenzinum remedy and remove 1 vial, proceed to twist the lid off and dump the contents into your clean mouth.  (See above for exact directions on how to take these remedies properly.)

Weeks 2 to 5:  Repeat Step 1 and Step 2.


Disclaimer:  This article is purely for information purposes only, for those individuals who have taken initiative for their own health and who choose to use other means of helping themselves with their health & well-being.  This is not for diagnostic or prescription purposes.




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