Using Herbs to Keep Your Dental Bills Down!

29 01 2015

Most people automatically go to the dentist when any tooth problems arise, which for imgresadvanced problems like cracked teeth, cavities & severe abscesses, is probably the correct decision.  But what about preventing these problems to begin with?  This is where herbs come in.

There are very good herbal formulas and even single herbs that can strengthen your teeth’s enamel plus strengthen & toughen up gums.  You can even get rid of minor abscesses and even large abscesses, but these issues you should NEVER address without consulting a Professional Herbalist or a Holistic Practitioner of your choice.

(Remember it is always good to have a “health team” approach because there is no health practitioner that knows it all, even a doctor. It is up to you to evaluate the information presented regarding your particular health issue and follow through with recommendations as YOU see fit.)

A. The  main formula I use contains the following herbs; Myrrh, Echinacea angustifolia, Spilanthes, Red Oak Bark, Plantain, Calendula & Bloodroot.

This formula can be used daily but you must brush & floss your teeth & rinse with a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (available at your local pharmacy) first before following the following  directions.

Basically you add 1/2 to 1 tsp of the Dental Rinse formula in 125 mL of water or less and swish vigorously for 1 minute squeezing the solution through all of your teeth.  You can then swallow the solution as it is very good for your mucus membranes of your gut as well as you immune system.

For preventing problems, I suggest using it a few times per week and to treat problems, use it up to 6x per day until you get relief.  I have seem people use this formula 2x per day and have got rid of a small abscess.  Usually with abscesses I recommend an internal protocol as well and this is determined on an individual basis.  If you would like my help with this just call my office to set up an appointment.

B. One of the best single herbs I like to use for teeth is Black Walnut to help with toning the gums and tightening pockets around the teeth which can create abscesses by collecting bacteria.  It is a black solution with a sour, slightly bitter taste to it, but does not taste drastic.  It is very useful and can be used daily to re-mineralize the tooth enamel since it is high in minerals and has an astringent nature.

Both adults and children can use these two suggestions for their teeth.  Obviously, avoiding sugary, refined foods and eating lots of vegetables will help the health of the teeth and gums, so using these formulas to counteract a bad diet is NOT what I am recommending, though you could use these 2 suggestions to compliment a dietary change.

If you are self-employed like me you will appreciate not having to pay the very high dental bills by not having to visit the dentist very often while using these herbs to improve your teeth and gums.

This article is strictly for information purposes and is not advice for anyone.  It is also not to deter you from going to a dentist when it is appropriate.  Use of this information is up to you only and you take the responsibility when applying these suggestions, if you decide to.







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