Pertinent Preparation Pointers For Getting the Most Out of Your Natural Health Appointments

27 05 2015

I have put together some Pointers to help you get the most of your appointments whether images-5“initial” or “follow-ups” with your Natural Health Practitioner or even your regular M.D., though some pointers are really only pertinent to a Natural Health Practitioner unless your M.D. prescribes natural remedies for your health problems.

1. Bring a food diary in showing what you ate for the last 10 days, include all meals & snacks and if you noticed if you felt any different eating certain foods or avoiding certain foods.

2. Bring your current supplements that you are taking along with any prescription medications especially to your first appointment.  You can then just bring anything new that you added in to your follow-up appointments.  

3. Bring in your most recent, even if it was 2 years prior, blood work & any other scans or medical diagnostic tests that you have had done to your initial appointment as well as any current results to your follow-up appointments as you get the tests done.  Sometimes it is easier to scan them to your practitioner before you get there so that they can have a look at them right before they see you.

4. Make sure you bring in a diary of your supplements or however you kept track of the supplements you took and if you noticed that you felt better or not after running out of them.  Ie. Sometimes it is easier to notice if something is helping if you run out of the supplement first and then evaluate how you feel.  If you feel worse after running out of a supplement there may be a correlation, but the Practitioner can determine this at the appointment.

5. If you are feeling quite well and most of your symptoms are gone, but are unsure of what to stay on as far as the supplements you were taking, then ask if you can have a shorter appointment time.
6. Once you have determined what is working I would then ask if you can simply pick up remedies that you need.  It is important to note here that buying store brand products that are cheap have very little health benefits & usually contain substances that are toxic. Keep in mind that Health Canada approves products on our shelves NOT because of good quality control…they do not even look at quality control…thus the same herb in different brands can be completely different and you will not get the same results. (Ie. It could be contaminated with animal dander, not the correct medicinal species etc.) If you go to a reputable practitioner they will often give you advice as to what to buy from your local health food store, if you don’t buy from them.
7.  If your symptoms have improved, but you still have the symptoms then make sure you make another appointment.  Keep in mind that the longer you have had a symptom, the longer it generally takes to go away…though not nearly as long as you had it.  Ie. A symptom that you have had for 20 years you may get rid of in less than 2 years, which isn’t too bad considering how long you have had it.  
    I like the car analogy.  If you drove your car for 5 years without maintenance you can expect to pay thousands on repair/maintenance costs.  Now think of driving your car for 25 years without maintenance…this is what a lot of people due to their own bodies.  It will cost you a lot more if you wait until you have symptoms for years, then go for help.  
    My general recommendation is to go for an appointment at least spring and fall even if you feel well, that way health patterns & changes can be noted and addressed before you become really unwell.  Another reason for going every spring and fall is to detoxify & cleanse using herbs to get at the deeper toxins in the body thus increasing the vitality of the liver, thus increasing your own vitality and wellness.
 Disclaimer:  This is for information purposes only and readers take full responsibility for applying these guidelines to their lives.


Using Herbs to Keep Your Dental Bills Down!

29 01 2015

Most people automatically go to the dentist when any tooth problems arise, which for imgresadvanced problems like cracked teeth, cavities & severe abscesses, is probably the correct decision.  But what about preventing these problems to begin with?  This is where herbs come in.

There are very good herbal formulas and even single herbs that can strengthen your teeth’s enamel plus strengthen & toughen up gums.  You can even get rid of minor abscesses and even large abscesses, but these issues you should NEVER address without consulting a Professional Herbalist or a Holistic Practitioner of your choice.

(Remember it is always good to have a “health team” approach because there is no health practitioner that knows it all, even a doctor. It is up to you to evaluate the information presented regarding your particular health issue and follow through with recommendations as YOU see fit.)

A. The  main formula I use contains the following herbs; Myrrh, Echinacea angustifolia, Spilanthes, Red Oak Bark, Plantain, Calendula & Bloodroot.

This formula can be used daily but you must brush & floss your teeth & rinse with a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (available at your local pharmacy) first before following the following  directions.

Basically you add 1/2 to 1 tsp of the Dental Rinse formula in 125 mL of water or less and swish vigorously for 1 minute squeezing the solution through all of your teeth.  You can then swallow the solution as it is very good for your mucus membranes of your gut as well as you immune system.

For preventing problems, I suggest using it a few times per week and to treat problems, use it up to 6x per day until you get relief.  I have seem people use this formula 2x per day and have got rid of a small abscess.  Usually with abscesses I recommend an internal protocol as well and this is determined on an individual basis.  If you would like my help with this just call my office to set up an appointment.

B. One of the best single herbs I like to use for teeth is Black Walnut to help with toning the gums and tightening pockets around the teeth which can create abscesses by collecting bacteria.  It is a black solution with a sour, slightly bitter taste to it, but does not taste drastic.  It is very useful and can be used daily to re-mineralize the tooth enamel since it is high in minerals and has an astringent nature.

Both adults and children can use these two suggestions for their teeth.  Obviously, avoiding sugary, refined foods and eating lots of vegetables will help the health of the teeth and gums, so using these formulas to counteract a bad diet is NOT what I am recommending, though you could use these 2 suggestions to compliment a dietary change.

If you are self-employed like me you will appreciate not having to pay the very high dental bills by not having to visit the dentist very often while using these herbs to improve your teeth and gums.

This article is strictly for information purposes and is not advice for anyone.  It is also not to deter you from going to a dentist when it is appropriate.  Use of this information is up to you only and you take the responsibility when applying these suggestions, if you decide to.




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