Concussion Conclusions. End Your Pain With Arnica montana.

4 04 2018

Why you need Arnica montana in your First Aid Kit, read more…..images-3

What is Arnica montana?

It is an alpine plant that has a “sunny” look.

Is it toxic in any way?  Yes, it is, but only if you take it in tincture form or apply to an open wound.  Some herbalists give small amounts of tincture out with a small dosage such as 1 drop per day, much like you get small dosages for Tylenol or Advil.

The very best way to take it, which is non-toxic, and completely safe is in its homeopathic form.  If you are not familiar with Homeopathy, you can read about how it was started and the way medicines are made to help you understand how the plant chemistry is diluted out using serial dilutions, while leaving the plant “hologram” or “energy” behind in the test tube.  This method of remedy preparation is called “Potentisation”.

Read about Homeopathy from this link:

History of Homeopathy & How Homeopathic Remedies Work.

Arnica is works by allowing increased blood flow to the area which allows oxygen and white cells to increase healing in bruised or swollen tissues and tissues with high amounts of lactic acid or anything else that will contribute to inflammation.  Thus it works well for concussions and in Homeopathy is the remedy of choice for this condition.  It is very important to actually see a practitioner who can help pick out the correct potency & tell you how to actually take the remedy properly as in how many times per day and how long as in days, weeks etc.  Otherwise, you will not get optimal results and if not taken correctly you may get “minimal” results.

If you have a fall or any injury it is wise and best to take Arnica pellets sublingually right after the accident or fall if you can.  Keep some in your glovebox in your car and in your first aid kit in your backpack.  That way the Arnica pellets are handy in the event of an accident.

The usual potency is 200K or 30K, but often you have to pick these up from your local Homeopathic practitioner as the vials sold in Health Food Stores are usually the “ch”-type potencies, which are more for the “emotional” trauma of accidents.

What I do:  I use the 200k with a higher potency like 10M to achieve excellent results with people.  The dosage is 5 granules 3 times per day up to every hour in case of very serious accident like a car accident or pedestrian accident.

It is safe for the elderly & children since it is a “dynamized” remedy with now chemical properties left in it from the Homeopathic Dilution process.

Say “goodbye” to concussions, bruises, sore muscles & can even be used for jet lag, scarring etc.  Please contact your local Homeopathic Practitioner for further details.



Disclaimer:  This information is for educational purposed only and is the full responsibility of the person who decides to “act” on this information.  This does not take the place of Emergency care from a hospital or a doctor or any other formal medical care.  It is advisable to have  “health team” where you have a Homeopath, Medical Doctor, Herbalist, Naturopath, etc. so that you can get comprehensive care.



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