Steps to Healing (adapted from Dr. Mikael Adams N.D.)

10 01 2015

 Steps to Healing (adapted from Dr. Mikael Adams N.D.)imgres-1

These steps are for chronic conditions of the body, which we will all experience at some point in life, whether the beginning, middle or end.  These steps are not necessarily in the order that you will heal, in fact some of them can be done together.  Ie. Psychological/Spiritual help can be done at the same time as taking drainage or detoxification therapy.

These steps are based on the supposition that the person is on the correct diet for themselves & avoiding exposure, as much as humanly possible, to toxins in their environment. (Correct diet, with good, filtered water, preferably alkaline water so it will absorb properly & the avoidance of chemicals in food, air, water and on your skin.)

Step One:  Open the Excretory Organs & drain:  a)Bowels, b)Lymphatic system, c) Kidneys,    d) Skin, & the liver empties via the bowel.  Ultimately you want to get at the CELLULAR level which requires more than just a great diet.  This is where herbs & homeopathic remedies come in.  Herbs can scour the toxins around & inside your cells, the Unda #’s, which are homeopathic remedies, are used to get rid of cellular toxins, & will help you get rid of toxins affecting cellular function & enzyme systems, that rely on nutrients to run.  When your body’s cells are  “cleaned” this way,  then your supplements & even food  you use will be less in volume or calories, but nutrient rich, since your body will run more efficiently and need less calories to do it. So eating nutrient dense foods with less calories will help your body function correctly while you do the cleansing but it will NOT take the place of cleansing.  Eating a diet such as this will not detoxify you at the cellular level by itself…this is a mistake that a lot of people make.  It isn’t all about diet, in this case. (Ie. When you tune up your car, your gas mileage gets better because it will require less to run on.)

Step Two: Eliminate Environmental Toxins & the predisposition to “collecting” them in your body.  This can be done by treating your “constitution” and your “tendencies” that  you were born with.  This is usually through homeopathic remedies that release the negative tendency and “neutralize” its influence.  These are chronic conditions like; scoliosis, schizophrenia, alcoholism, diabetes, weak lungs, weak joints etc.

Step Three:  Stimulate the enzymes & substitute where necessary.  Using certain herbs to increase digestive power or using the Unda #’s to clean off the enzyme systems can help the person’s body to digest & assimilate their food much more effectively.  (I always say “you are what you assimilate.”)  In this way, all the organs and the systems made up from the organs will function more effectively creating a stable energy flow through out the day with no dips to the energy.  Remember, we are a human chemical factory and if there is a blockage in any of the enzyme systems the liver will try to push wastes through another enzyme system, if it does not work, you will store the toxins often in your bowel, lymphatic system and your between your cells causing you to become lethargic.  This is gradual of course and is often why people do not pick up on their problems quick enough since they believe it has to do with “old age” or working too much etc.  Cancer and other degenerative dis-ease starts here…at the cellular level.

Step Four:  Dysbiosis Therapy which is basically working on your gut and making sure that you are eating fermented foods daily like; water kefir, milk kefir, sauerkraut, fermented veges etc.  (Pickled food is not fermented.)  You may also need some herbs for the gut if you have a parasite or an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut which can lower your B12 levels and cause low energy.  Having a gut with the correct amount of healthy flora will help you produce B vitamins, enzymes etc.

Step Five:  Reduce Stress & Tonify the Qi.  Herbs & diet combined can help to tone the Qi & reduce stress in our body. If you compare this to your car engine, the gas will flow freely to the engine to combust with little waste left over and give your car the energy it needs to run smoothly. This is when you will have the best energy, no blocks to your energetic system.  The herbs & diet you need to maintain this energy or Qi will depend on your body type & individual idiosyncrasies, which is why it is important to get checked out by a professional.  Since just because a certain herb/regime helped someone else does not mean it is the best for you.  It will save you time and money to actually get checked out by a Holistic Professional of your choice since you will not have to guess what you need and waste money trying it out.

Step Six:  Nutritional Support, like Vitamin & Mineral supplements or nutritive herbs can also work well or green smoothies or juicing etc.  Anything to get your nutrient quotient up.  Think organic veges with some fruit in season.

Step Seven:  Constitutional therapy especially for the way you express and feel emotions & your body’s tendencies to certain dis-ease.  Healing your emotions or the way you express them can be challenging for some people.  Ultimately, the way you express yourself or do not express yourself is the way you were built and conditioned.  Certain homeopathic remedies can be helpful for those whose emotions are “stuck” and cause havoc in the body.  Ie. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or any chronic disease has an emotional element to it plus some so called “genetic” dis-eases can be helped by this type of therapy.

Step Eight:  Organ & Enzyme regeneration are sometimes required and organotherapy (a specific form of homeopath aimed at a specific organ to help it function normally) can be useful here.  Even some high strength antioxidants either in foods or herbs are very useful here to restore and protect the liver especially, but also the cardiovascular system, kidneys etc.  This will keep the body from degenerative diseases by protecting the body against the pollutants we have no control over as in the “air you breathe”.  Ie. We all need protection from air pollution.

Step Nine:  Spiritual/Psychological Healing:  Personally, I believe all that we do is spiritual, even if it is just the body, since the body houses the soul and we are one unit.  But sometimes people experience trauma in their life and it will create a vortex that uses up a lot of energy, since the person will be reacting to things that set them off without control.  So these traumas need to be healed and can be released through EMDR methods quite effectively or even talk therapy,  if you get the right professional for yourself.  Also, having a faith in someone bigger than your world can be essential to healing as it will give meaning to the suffering we all endure to one extent or another and hope, to get through it or be healed in the next life, in heaven.

Step Ten:  Removal of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMG) & Geopathic Stress from cell phones, cell phone towers and zones that cause geopathic stress in houses or buildings that people reside in.  Generally, EMG and Geopathic Stress cause Cancer over time but also very low energy and other inflammatory conditions of the body in the mean time.  There is a lot of evidence out there now where you can see the research on the cause and effect of these sources of radiant energy.  These types of energy will affect the body’s electrical system and cause the  bodys’ energy field  to be over-powered by the energy fields from phones & cell phone towers especially, but also geopathic stress will do this also.  One of the protectors I recommend are the Pulsor products which contain various strengths of Piezo Electric Crystals which will emit a field over your own energy field and strengthen it so that you are not affected by the fields that surround you.  (I have experienced this personally around large pieces of automated chemistry equipment while working in the hospital and the Pulsor Crystals saved me.  Very low energy was my symptom…so low that I could hardly function at the end of the day.)


Disclaimer:  Please note this article is strictly for information purposes only.  It is not meant to diagnose or prescribe or give advice.  Each person must take responsibility for their own health and get the advice specific for their own situation from a professional of their choice.


Get the Most Out of Your Homeopathic Flu Remedy. (How-to instructions.)

11 11 2014

        The homeopathic way of preventing the flu requires you to take the Thymus booster, which will be imageseither the H-TYP or the Thymus granules, ON WHAT I CALL DAY 1 OF THE FIRST WEEK AND THE INFLUENZINUM REMEDY ON DAY 2 OF THE SAME WEEK.  YOU REPEAT THIS FOR 5 WEEKS.  Please mark on your calendar the designated days that you will do it.  If you miss a day, don’t worry just do it the next day you haven’t ruined the schedule.  Just try your best to stick to the schedule.  I would recommend that everyone in the family takes the remedy at the same time, same day etc…makes life easier. 🙂

The difference between this and the conventional flu vaccine is; a) Homeopathic flu remedies are energetic by nature and thus there is no danger of obtaining another virus from this remedy as you can get from the conventional flu shot.   It does not contain the actual virus, but it contains the energetic frequency of the virus prepared in a dynamic way using serial dilution methodology.  b) It does not contain harmful preservatives such as formaldehyde or mercury or any other preservative.


       The homeopathic flu remedy consists of either small, poppy-seed granules or the regular sized granules found in the multi-dose tubes of homeopathic remedies.  The former is more efficient at exhibiting prophylactic care because you dump the whole vial in your mouth at once and it thus covers a greater surface area in the mouth.  The greater the surface area, the better it works.  The latter can also work but you would need to take at least 15 to 20 granules in your mouth in order to produce a similar effect as the smaller poppy-seed sized granules.   I am in favour of the former and thus use this one whenever it is available.

       We used to be able to get the Thymus activator in the same forms either poppy-seed or regular-sized granules, but since the government of Canada’s Health Branch went on a rampage over these last few years they have removed off the market for some weird, unknown, & unexplained reason.  (There is a lot of fear in the Health Branch plus a lot of politics as we all know.)  Thus, in order to remedy this I have included either a Thymus 9ch or a 6ch or the H-TYP Homeopathic tincture from Seroyal which may not be quite as good as the Thymulline 9ch but it will still help you produce an immune response from the flu remedy.  


         Before getting into how to actually take the program effectively, please make sure you understand how to actually take the homeopathic remedies.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking homeopathic remedies;

 A.  Store remedies away from heat, light, electrical & electromagnetic energy.

B.  Make sure you have a “clean mouth” before taking these or any other homeopathic remedies.  This means no taste of any food or drink or any mint from toothpaste should be lingering in your mouth prior to taking these.  If you find that you do have a taste in your mouth, please rinse your mouth out until the taste is gone.

C.  You can have water before these remedies or any other homeopathic remedy, but no food or other drink within 45 MINUTES of taking these remedies.  Normally, for other homeopathic remedies it is 15 MINUTES, but in this case when using it preventatively or prophylactically, you must abide by these rules.

D.  In order to take the granules, you must turn the vial over with the lid facing down, then twist the vial and count the granules into the lid.

          a)For the Thymus Granules;  you may need to just do 10 granules in the lid at a time and 25 may be difficult to count.  Remove the lid carefully and without touching the granules with your hands, dump the contents into your mouth and allow the granules to dissolve.  Remember to wait 45 minutes before eating or drinking.

          b)For the Influenzinum Remedy, remove a vial from the box, (there are 5 of them because you take 1 per week for 5 weeks.) take off the lid by gently twisting it, then dump the contents directly into your mouth and allow to dissolve.  Remember to wait the 45 minutes before eating and drinking.

E.  In order to take the drops, just put about 2 tbsp of purified water, not tap water in a glass, then simply remove the cap off the bottle and tilt on an angle while counting the drops into the water in the glass.  Swirl the glass to mix drops and put the whole amount into your mouth and swish for 15 to 30 seconds before swallowing.  Remember to wait the 45 minutes before eating or drinking.


(This is a five week program.)

For Adults:

Step 1:

Week 1/Day 1:  Take either the Thymus granules or the H-TYP in these doses;  25 granules/ 20 drops.  (See above for exact directions on how to take these remedies properly.)

Step 2:

Week 1/Day 2:  Take the Influenzinum remedy and remove 1 vial, proceed to twist the lid off and dump the contents into your clean mouth.  (See above for exact directions on how to take these remedies properly.)

Weeks 2 to 5:  Repeat Step 1 and Step 2.


Disclaimer:  This article is purely for information purposes only, for those individuals who have taken initiative for their own health and who choose to use other means of helping themselves with their health & well-being.  This is not for diagnostic or prescription purposes.

How to stop a cold or flu in its tracks.

31 10 2013

Colds & Flus started early this fall…even before fall officially got started…a lot of people had their imgres-1“Summer Cold” going into September.  The transition times of the seasons are hard on the body and even harder if you are not well rested and nutritionally sound.

One of the best things to do to prepare for cold & flu season is to get your juicer out in September and do a week or two of juicing.  You can juice along with eating or you can do a juice fast depending on your body type and what you can handle.  This will build up the body with important minerals for the immune system, plus antioxidants & phytochemicals to protect cell membranes.  It will also help the liver detox from the summer fair of food ingested at outdoor barbecues.  Just make sure that you do not juice too many green leafy veges or you could bring on a back ache…and do them minimally if you have had kidney stones.

The other important thing to do is to bring out your fermented drinks, but not the beer!  Bring on the Kambucha, the Coconut water kefir or a nicely flavoured water kefir to replenish your gut flora. The summer stress of doing too much or stress in general, can takes its tole on the gut flora. Take your probiotics while you ingest your fermented drinks daily to increase the gut flora and increase your immune response.  Fermented foods make the probiotic proliferate profusely in your gut.

There are brands of probiotics that are especially formulated to help your immune system during the flu season.  Take them in the early morning while your stomach acid is lower.

You can also use the Homeopathic Flu prevention kits available at the Health Food store.  Just follow the instructions carefully.

For the onset of a flu or cold, put on a “flu tea” containing; Peppermint,Yarrow, Red Raspberry, Boneset and steep 30 minutes for the full effect.  A small handful in a regular sized teapot will do.  Drink it hot. Wrap yourself in blankets or sit in your hot tub or in a hot bath.  Sit, soak and drink until you sweat!  It is the best way to flush out your flu or cold fast.

For head colds, get out your trusty Peppermint Oil and take small drops on the back of your hand and lick them off.  The “Pow” of the Peppermint will clear your sinuses, ears and throat while protecting your mucus membranes from further invasion.

Make sure you have a good quality Vitamin C & take at least 2000 mg 3 times per day. If the Peppermint has not taken care of the perpetual drip coming from your nose or back of throat…and your throat is getting sore..add in Zinc lozenges or Zinc tablets with Thyme herb in them.

For a basic drippy nose try taking the 12 tissue salts.  Take 5 to 10 of the small dissolvable tablets in your mouth 3x per day.  Great at drying up the Schnoz!

Lasso the Flu and get your immune system in gear by trying out the suggestions above.

I guarantee your winter will be sweeter with a stronger system to fend off the foe!

Can you “ear” me? Ear aches, infections & hearing.

22 02 2013

The ears…oh to hear!  There is a lot about the ears to know, but I just want to briefly mention imgres-1that the inner ear bones are ruled by the kidneys.  With improper mineral imbalances the inner ear can be impaired to hear!  Chinese herb combinations like KB-C made by Nature’s Sunshine are very good to help nourish the kidneys which will nourish the inner ear.

Other important factors such as mucus forming foods like dairy can really impair the ears by causing a lot of mucus congestion in the eustachian tubes which make the ears congested and can trap bacteria in them creating inflammation of the eardrum and external ear canal.

The obvious thing to do is to stop eating or ingesting dairy products in order to stop the congestion.  Goat’s milk, cheese and yogurt could also cause congestion, but it is not as usual.  You have to go by trial and error.  But make sure you are off Dairy for at least 7 days before you re-introduce another food because it takes about 1 week for the dairy to get out of your system.

Small children are very prone to getting ear infections if they ingest dairy because their ear canals are short so congestion travels quickly and so do the bacteria that cause the infection.  They need to drink clear fluids, get off dairy and then use some herbal ear drops to get rid of the infection.  (I will explain below what to use.)

If antibiotics are given, they destroy the gut flora which if done enough times will cause “small intestine bacteria overgrowth” called SIBO.  This can eventually cause the stomach not to function properly causing poor protein digestion and low serum B12 levels which eventually leads to low energy, lethargy, poor adrenal function, poor immune function and stamina.

The herbal oils to put in the ear to get rid of the infection are usually a combination, but I would make a garlic oil infusion with olive oil.  Squeeze a garlic clove into some olive oil and allow to sit for about 30 minutes in the oil, which is best in a 30 ml dropper bottle with the lid on it and put in a mug of hot water.  Take the skim off the top in order not to get the crushed garlic in the dropper tube.  Test the oil on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot before putting in the ear!  Put in the ear and fill up the whole canal then place a piece of cotton in the ear to stop the oil from leaking out.

Another oil you can make is using St. John’s wort, garlic, mullein flowers and lobelia.  Often you will have to buy the formula already made up to use since some of the herbs may not be readily available.  This oil helps to relax the ear as well as fight the infection.  You can use it exactly like the garlic oil as above.

If the ear is quite sore and you cannot get the combination oil as listed in the previous paragraph, then you can rub Lobelia tincture around the outside of the ear and down the eustachian tube on the outside of the jaw line.  This will relax the ear canal and the ear and help the garlic oil penetrate deeper.  Lavender oil can also be used to rub on the outside of the ear to help relax and let the garlic oil or combination oil penetrate the ear deeper.

Echinacea or Peppermint tea with honey can be given internally to help decongest the whole ear and nasal passage as well as build up the immune system.  Some other herbs like Oregano, Rosehips Elderberry, Yarrow, Cayenne can also be helpful.  The key to giving it to children is to use honey to sweeten the healing potion, so that they can get it down without too many complaints.  Keep giving the internal support until the infection clears up.

Use unsweetened almond milk as a substitute for milk or even the newer hemp seed milk can be nice as well.

If there is earaches without infections, then you must use the garlic oil in the ear canal, but you may also need a homeopathic single remedy like Pulsatilla or Phosphorus in order to get long lasting results.  Sometimes other herbs like Astralagus or Burdock can be used to build up the whole immune system which will stop the propensity to ear aches.

These are the ways to get rid of ear infections or earaches without destroying your gut or your kid’s gut!  Gut health is health!  It is the most important thing you can do for your health is to keep the gut health integrity alive!  If it is alive you will be alive and energetic.  Only use antibiotics for life threatening illnesses and only for as long as you need them, then build your gut flora up right away with fermented foods and probiotics!

Cold & Flu Remedies for Self Administration

5 02 2013

Cold & Flu Remedies for Self Administration.

Cold Remedies for Self Administration

5 02 2013

If you have been plagued with colds this year or last year and want to learn how you can help yourself to imgres-3get rid of these nasty bugs quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective way.  (Ie. Not having to go to your Naturopath or Natural Health Practitioner and pay for an in office visit.)  Then, this article is for you!

First off, colds.  There are really 3 or 4 items that you may need, depending on how you have been eating and your constitution AND how stressed out you are.

1.  As soon as you start getting that tickle in your throat, you will want to reach for any Aromatic Herbs like Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, or Mint….Peppermint Essential Oil ideally, though a strong Peppermint tea will also work….no, not the tea bags you have, but a strong, organic, loose leaf tea.  Take one or two drops on the back of your hand and then lick them off quickly.  You will experience the “opening up” of your nasal passages and the freshening up of your throat.  For mild cold symptoms, Peppermint is a great herb to get rid of the cold symptoms you have.

For colds that are going to the chest or  sinuses, Garlic or Licorice is good taken it tablets or capsules.  I use the Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) Garlic, which I find is very good and at the most you need 1 tablet 3x per day.  The NSP Licorice I recommend is about 2 capsules 3x per day.  Cayenne Pepper is good if you take about 1/8 to 1/4 tsp in some Lemon water, mix, then drink through a straw.  It will soothe a sore throat.

There is also Composition Powder or Herbal Crisis formula which is  a combination of herbs that you could probably pick up at your local herbalist.

2. The next item is a good quality Vitamin C.  If you are allergic or sensitive to Vitamin C, then you will want to have Ester C.  The Vitamin C that I recommend most is Nature’s Sunshine Vitamin C because it is pharmaceutical grade and thus top quality without being expensive.  I usually recommend taking 2,000 mg 3 to 4 x per day to get rid of the cold.

3.  The next item is the 12 Tissue Salts or a specific Homeopathic Remedy for Colds such as Phosphorus, Gelsemium, Allium Cepa, Arsenicum album, Nux vomica etc.  The 12 Salts you can buy at most health food stores, but the single remedies I listed are best administered by a practitioner or if you have a small book with an emergency homeopathic kit that gives you tips on what the remedies are used for then you can administer them yourself.

What the 12 Tissue Salts will do is they will “dry up” your nose very quickly.  The single remedies will help get rid of the whole cold.

Additional notes:

Most mild to moderate colds can be dealt with using the 12 Tissue Salts & a high quality Vitamin C.  (Remember, Health Canada is not interested in quality, so anyone can sell Vitamin C…it is up to you to know who is the best to buy it from.:))  Also, the rule of thumb is that everything above the neck needs Vitamin C and everything below the neck needs Vitamin A.

More complex colds must have the Aromatic herbs or Composition Powder and possibly the homeopathic single remedy.  You will know by trial and error:)  But the Vitamin C & 12 salts must also be used.

If you are chronically getting sick it is a sign that you need to cleanse:)  So go on a juice fast and do a few colonics to clean up the system!

Please note:  if you have a fever, it is more than the common cold…often it is the “flu” or it could be a bacterial infection or a more serious virus.

Watch for my next blog on how to fight off the flu!

If you found this information helpful…let me know!

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