Tips to Increase Your Energy

17 07 2014

 1. Remove all white flour, white sugar and white rice from your diet.  Replace 

images-15with whole grain flour, whole grain sugar cane and brown rice….according to your ABO blood type.

2. Eat the “beneficials” off your blood type chart.

3. Food combine.  Proteins and veges.  Starches and veges.  For more information read about it in the “Body Ecology Diet” book.

4. Drink hot water with fresh lemon squeezed into it.  It helps to unclog the liver.

5. Do a liver/gallbladder flush after doing a series of colonics.

6. Do a liver cleanse with herbs and a series of colonics to flush out the toxicity from your body.

 7. Use fiber drinks and bowel tonic herbs to increase your elimination.

 8. Eat raw veges at lunch and at dinner.

 (compatible with your blood type.)

 9. Juice vegetable juices and drink 2 to 4 – 8 oz glasses daily.

 10. Drink wheatgrass juice in lemon water or in unfiltered, organic apple juice.

 11. Go on a cleansing diet of raw vegetable juices and raw vegetable salads with lots of green veges and sprouts…do for 4 to 10 days if you can.  Come off of it with light proteins.

 12. Drink non-chlorinated water.

 13. Have a bath with 35% hydrogen peroxide in it….soak at least 30 minutes.


Herbal Fomentations

8 01 2014

A fomentation is a way to apply herbal solutions to the external part of your body to fight images-22infections, soothe an area.

Supplies required:

  1. A Thin, clean, 100% cotton cloth at least the size of the area of concern or larger.
  2. The herbs you will use to make the tea.
  3. A pot to heat the solution.
  4. Saran wrap.
  5. Old towels.
  6. Hot water bottle or a heating pad.
  7. Timer.


Make the herbal solution as follows;

  1. Either put to large handfuls of the loose herb in 4 cups water OR when using tincture (a liquid, alcohol extract) add about 50 drops tincture to 1 cup warm water.
  2. Please refer to the “Herbal Preparation” sheet to get more detailed instructions on how to make the tea form from dried herbs.
  3. For tincture, you can also apply the drops directly to your skin and then put the cotton cloth in hot water and apply over top the tincture that was first placed on the skin.  It depends on the strength of the herb.  Please check with the herbalist.
  4. Place the cloth on the affected area.
  5. Wrap saran wrap around the area if at all possible.
  6. Make sure that you have old towels down where you will be laying as well as old towels to put over the hot water bottle or heating pad which will be on top of the saran.  PLEASE PUT THE HEATING PAD ON “LOW” ONLY,TO AVOID BURNING!
  7. Put a timer on before you lie down.  You only need to lie down for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the nature of the ailment.

To Summarize then:

  1. Prepare herbs.
  2. Prepare the place where you will lie down by putting old towels down to protect the area from drips from the herbs.
  3. If using a tincture, apply the drops directly to the skin and massage in well.
  4. Set the timer, fill your hot water bottle or get your heating pad.
  5. Place the cloth either soaked in the herbal tea or in hot water if you are using a tincture, on the affected area.
  6. Wrap the area with saran wrap and lie down.
  7. Put the hot water bottle or heating pad on top of the saran wrap…if it is too hot put a thin towel on top of the saran wrap and then the hot water bottle or heating pad.
  8. Put an old towel on top of the hot water bottle or heating pad.
  9. Close your eyes and relax, when the timer goes off then get up.
  10. Place the cotton cloth in a ziploc bag to be used again or wash it and have a new one ready to use right away.  You should be able to re-use the cloth with out washing it each time unless you have open sores.  In that case, each cloth must be washed in very hot water to kill the bacteria before it can be used again.



What To Do Before a Colonic & Other Helpful Tips

14 06 2013
  1.  A towel (bath size) to use as a cover during the colonic.  You save 5$ each time you come inimages-7 and it helps me out with the laundry.

2. A pair of socks.  If you have cold feet, you’ll want to be warm during the colonic.

     3. A snack for after, to replenish electrolytes lost and balance the blood sugar.  A fruit or vegetable snack is ideal.  

    4. Remember to avoid beef, pork, wheat, dairy and any other heavy foods within 48 hours of a colonic. 

5. It is okay to eat a light snack within 2 hours of a colonic, even an apple or raw veges up to 1 hour before.  BUT you do NOT want to have a lot of fluids within 2 hours and certainly not within 1 hour of a colonic.  A bit of water is okay at the 2 hour mark, but no more.  (The colonic flushes out the kidneys too, and you don’t want to have to finish early because you drank too much before you had the colonic.)

   6. Remember to avoid coming to the colonic appointment “starved” for food    because you could feel light-headed and nauseated after the colonic is over, due to the impact it can have on your blood sugars.  If you aren’t certain how you will react, just eat an apple within 1 hour before your appointment and you will be fine or if you are fasting just have a bit of juice within 1 hour of your colonic. (1/2 cup or 125 mL will suffice.)

7.  Take either some Coconut Water Kefir or another fermented food on the day you have your colonics.  Either before or after is good.  Taking your probiotics with your fermented foods will make the probiotic stay in your intestines and implant.  This implant will last a long time when you minimize your exposure to chlorinated water, which means what you drink AND what you shower in.  Ask me more about this when you are in for your appointment.


12 12 2012



3 12 2012


From the research I have done plus the observations over 17 years, I have discovered that there are many things that can cause  fibromyalgia-type muscle pain.  Viruses, Lyme’s Disease, Leaky Gut from food allergies/sensitivities, Overgrowth of Yeast (Candida albicans), Stress, Glandular Imbalances, Heavy Metals etc.

There are other common findings amongst fibromyalgia patients.  One is they all have low functioning adrenal glands, the other is they have low functioning thyroid glands, their bowels do not move regularly (after each meal), and a more recent discovery is that they do not digest their fats well.  When this happens the residue of the undigested fats causes the yeast to grow & other bad bacteria which causes bloating, gas, diarrhea & constipation, low back discomfort or pain, general lethargy, foggy thinking, food cravings especially for refined carbohydrates, & depression.

The first line of action in any chronic illness is the diet.   The fats that  are not digesting well will have to be removed from their diet.  (It is individual, and I check each person separately to see what fats they need to avoid.)  Also, in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy (colonics), they will need to do a Gallbladder/Liver flush at some point to remove the gallstones that are impeding their fat digestion.  I always recommend that a Gallbladder/Liver flush is done within 48 hours of a colonic so that there is room in the large intestine for all that stuff to dump out of the Gallbladder & Liver.

Poor digestion of fats due to lack of bile flow will cause poor elimination which in turn will create low energy and more muscle pain.  (The muscle pain in fibromyalgia actually corresponds to the gallbladder meridian interestingly.)  A series of 6 t0 12 , colonics will aid the release of this toxicity and speed up recovery.

These  offending foods will keep perpetuating the problem if they are not removed from their diet. Often wheat is an issue and sometimes the whole “gluten” family.  I check everyone individually for the foods that they need to omit from their diet.  I will also check for glandular imbalances like adrenals & thyroid and any other organ imbalances that can be corrected through herbs or homeopathy.

When there are viruses involved there are a number of therapies a person may need especially if it is Lyme’s Disease.  But even certain viruses can be difficult to get rid of. Usually it takes a mixture of herbs to solve the viral issue and particularly by building up the gut with probiotics and fermented foods.  This is very important.  For this is the place where the immune system is founded.  Antibiotics taken directly or even residue in foods will go against your gut and cause you to perpetuate a poor immune function.

In short, Fibromyalgia is from stress, food sensitivities, & poor immune function not being addressed at the root cause.  Then other insults to the immune system take place like antibiotics in particular which just compounds the problem.  The cure is in the diet (talked about above), using herbs & homeopathy to address some of the immune problems & digestive problems, fermented foods & probiotics to increase the gut response, acupuncture to rebalance the organs,

All chronic illnesses is a whole body experience and the whole must be addressed in order for the body to cure itself.

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