30 07 2014


1. Take 15 minutes every morning to relax before rushing out the door.  (Sit cross-legged on a hard floor andimgres-10 sip hot water if experiencing sever constipation.)  Deep breathing exercises are also helpful to do at this time.  Ie. Breathe from belly not chest.                                       

See the information here:   http://modernherbalmedicine.com/articles/breathe-your-way-to-better-physical-and-emotional-health.html

2. Avoid anything containing white flour, rice & white sugar, as much as possible.  (called the “white plague.”)

3. Remove as many of the external stresses from your life such as: being ‘too busy’ plus deal with internal stressors like; lies you tell yourself, ‘stuffing’ your feelings, feeling bad about yourself and any “co-dependent” or “co-addictive”, or addictive behaviour.

4. Drink at least 1 to 2 litres of water per day between meals.  (non-chlorinated)

5. Eat lots of fibre in your diet.  If you can eat grains, eat whole grains.  Regardless, everyone should take a fibre drink once per day.  See the information here:                                                                              http://www.hiraihealth.com/pdf/How%20to%20take%20a%20fiber%20drink.%202012.pdf 

6. Eat lots of “live food” like sprouts, fresh vegetables, juices, raw salads, fruit and avoid deep fried and heavy foods containing wheat, dairy, beef or pork.  (These are all hard on the liver.)

7. If your colon lacks tone, do the colon exercises listed on the ‘Colon Regime’ article here:  http://www.hiraihealth.com/pdf/Colon%20Therapy%20Regime%202012.pdf

8. Get checked for a nutrient deficiency if you are still constipated.  If you are low in any of the B vitamins, lecithin or acidophilus, – these help the colon stay lubricated and toned up.

9. Eat and drink fermented foods, and I don’t mean alcoholic fermented beverages.  I mean Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, Kombucha, Fermented Vegetables etc.  These help to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

10. When traveling, take your enema bag along.  (Refer to ‘How to Give Yourself a High Enema.’ http://www.ozonelab.com/monica/enema.htm )    You can also benefit from doing a colonic before and after you travel.  Book these appointments ahead of time.  Also, herbal laxatives such as Senna, Cascara sagrada are okay for occasional constipation.  Do not take herbal laxatives as a long-term solution.   Please consult with me during your next appointment so I can help you determine the cause of your constipation and a plan to address this properly.

11. If you are on drugs or medication, check to see if constipation is a side effect.  Ie. Pain killers cause constipation.  There are herbal alternatives to help with pain.

12.Iron supplements can also cause constipation.  Herbal iron supplements are superior as they do not cause constipation and absorb better to.  

13.Have an assessment to determine if your stomach or liver may be causing the constipation you are having.


Fruity Lemon Water Kefir

18 12 2013


1/  1 package of Water Kefir Grains that have already been activated.  (If you do not know how to do this, then please refer to the instructions contained in the box that held the package of Water Kefir Grains.)

2/  125 mL of Cane Sugar  (Organic Cane Sugar is the best.)

3/  1 to 2 dried figs (Can also be raisins, sultanas, dried prunes etc. Organic is best.)

4/  Half a lemon.

5/ 1 to 1.5 Litres of Filtered Water, it can be water that contains minerals. Ie.  Does not have to be distilled or reverse osmosis water.

6/  2 Litre glass container or two different glass jars that will hold 1 litre each.

7/   Coffee filter or cheesecloth & 1 elastic.

8/  Plastic sieve or strainer.

9/  Plastic or wooden spoon.  (Do not use metal spoons or bowls or metal anything when you make any kind of culture.)


1/  Dissolve sugar in the water.

In the container, pour in mineral water and add the sugar.  Dissolve sugar using the plastic or wooden spoon or even better just swirl the jar gently until all the sugar dissolves.

2/  Add the kefir grains, dried figs or dried fruit of your choice and the lemon as is, do not sqeeze it yet.

3/  Cover the container with the cheesecloth or coffee filter and secure with an elastic.  (It should not be air tight.)

4/  Place away from sunlight and leave at room temperature of 18 C to 25 C.

(65F to 77F)

5/  Allow to ferment for 24, 48 or 72 hours.  For a stronger kefir, ferment the grains longer.

6/  Once the fermentation is completed to your satisfaction, squeeze the lemon.  (Use plastic tongs to get the lemon out of the water.  Do not put hands into the water.)

7/  Strain & separate the kefir grains separately from the fruit.  Store the kefir grains in a BHP free plastic container either in the fridge or the freezer.  When you want to make your next batch, just warm it up on the counter in your kitchen to room temperature…and start the whole process over again.

Benefits of Kefir are:

  1. Helps to restore normal flora inside your gut.
  2. Helps your probiotic to “implant” inside your gut.
  3. Crowds out unfriendly bacteria, yeast and parasites.
  4. Can get rid of “tummy aches” and pains in both adults and children.
  5. Good for breast feeding women to take in regularly to increase digestion & prevent colic in infants.
  6. Good for restoring normal flora after antibiotics especially when taken with a good Human Microflora strain of probiotic.
  7. Helps to manufacture certain Vitamins like some B vitamins, vitamin K, enzymes etc.
  8. Can help with hormone balance by crowding out the yeast.
  9. Can help get rid of food cravings due to low normal gut flora.

What you will need:

Colon Cleansing

3 12 2013
  1. Make sure that you take Magnesium citrate capsules or powder for at least one week before images-6you start the colonics.  Then make sure you continue to take them to keep your bowels regular and soft.  The dosage is: 4 capsules before bed and 2 in the morning.  It can be lowered if you get too loose or can be increased if you are not going at least 2 times per day.  With the powdered Magnesium, the best is to start with the highest dose suggested on the bottle then decrease it or increase it as you see necessary.
  2. Make sure to take the fiber drink that works for you.  Ground Chia seeds, Ground Flax seeds, Psyllium Combination Powder, and follow the directions on my website (At the bottom of the Book An Appointment page, look for “How to take a   Fiber Drink”.)
  3. Take your probiotic daily (HMF probiotic from Seroyal is the best as it stays in your body the longest.  Ask me about this if I haven’t told you already.) especially at the beginning of your suggested regime.  As you increase your fermented foods, you will need to take the probiotic less and less until you don’t need it anymore.  You can tell when you don’t need it anymore because you will not be bloated after you eat or later in the day any more.  (Provided you are eating the diet that is right for you.  Check my website: www.hiraihealth.com for recipes on fermented foods  under: healthinfo/articles&links.
  4.  Report any problems that you may have after the colonic like; a) feeling sleepy, b)increase in gas, c) right-sided lower abdominal/back pain d) not being able to have a bowel movement for more than a day after having a colonic. (Missing the day after having a colonic is normal.)  You need to call me when you have these symptoms.  Usually if you have any of these symptoms it means you have a dysbiosis, which is low good gut flora and increased yeast & parasites.  It can be easily solved by taking a parasite remedy or yeast remedy or a combination of the two.
  5. Remember it takes at least 3 colonic spaced out no more than 2 weeks apart, (1 week apart is recommended) to get decent results and most people need at least 6 colonics or more depending on the nature of your digestive issues.
  6. Once your colon is cleaned out you will need to have a “Maintenance Program” in place to help you maintain proper elimination & digestion.  This will vary from person to person and you will need a follow-up appointment after your series of colonics.  With this program you will be able to have colonics as a part of a cleansing program or before & after travel or as needed for general health maintenance.  Cleansing clinics around the world recommend a minimum of 3 colonics spring and fall for cleansing to help keep the body free of dis-ease.
  7. Eat fermented foods daily and especially on the days that you have colonics.  If you don’t know which fermented foods would be best for you, ask.  Fermented foods help the Probiotic Supplement stay in your system better.  The suggested minimum for fermented foods are 1/4 cup minimum for the kefir drinks and 1/8 to 1/4 cup fermented veges or yogurt. (This may vary from person to person and you may have to start at 1 tsp of kefir and work your way up to 1/4 cup.)
  8. Books on cleansing & colonics:  1) Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management by Dr. Bernard Jensen. 2) Colon Health by Norman Walker. 3)The Colon Health Handbook by Robert Gray.

If you have any questions or concerns or have any symptoms as listed under #4 of this list, please       email me or call me right away.



Digestive Health

15 10 2013
  1. Why do people get bloated, gasey and constipated?imgres-5

The main causes are the heavy North American diet that most people devour.  What I mean by heavy foods is cooked grains & animal sourced foods like meat & dairy.  Some examples are; white bread, white pasta, white rice, hamburgers, steaks, pork, pizza, hotdogs, sausages etc.  Anything deep fried or full of sugar.

These foods are very heavy because they lack enzymes, vitamins & minerals used for digestion.   They are also hard to eliminate as well because they are low in fiber.  The stomach & liver become burdened with digesting this food and “food residue” is left in the intestines because it could not be burned “cleanly”.

Over the weeks & months this builds up in the intestines and impairs the digestion in the small & large intestines, because the food becomes rotten and turns into a “glue-like” substance-something like old gum on the sidewalk.  Hard to get off!  It clogs the delicate, finger-like projections in the small intestines and the body becomes auto-intoxicated because you will keep reabsorbing the toxins into your bloodstream causing the liver to constantly work cleaning the blood so you can stay alive without poisoning yourself.

Some of the symptoms of this malady are bloating, smelly gas, low energy after eating, dark circles under the eyes, bad breath, sensitive spots on the abdomen etc.

Some remedies for this problem are; a)  start eating “live” foods.  Foods like sprouts, raw veges, raw fruit, raw nuts and seeds.  b) do a cleanse which needs to include; fiber drinks with bentonite clay, herbs to help release the old “gum” on the intestinal walls, herbs for the liver & kidney and with the cleanse you must do juicing, skin brushing, colonics or at the very least enemas.  c)  do a daily fast once per week and to make it more effective do  skin brushing, but use a rebounder to really get the lymphatic system moving and drink tons of water with fresh lemon & cayenne pepper.  (You can do this longer if you like) d) Take enzymes with the heavy protein meals even with the vegetarian meals on a daily basis.

The main idea is to eat so you can digest properly by incorporating foods easy to digest while also clearing the intestines of the “goop” so you can also absorb what you digest.  Happy assimilation!

How to Make Coconut Water Kefir Correctly.

25 07 2013

How to Make Coconut Water Kefir Correctly..

How to Make Coconut Water Kefir Correctly.

25 07 2013

STEP 1:  Rehydrating the Heirloom Culture.                                                                          imgres

  1. Dissolve 4 to 6 tablespoons of whole cane sugar in 4 cups of water.  (Slightly heat the water to dissolve all the sugar.  The water will be slightly brown from using the whole cane sugar.)  Be sure to all the water to COOL TO ROOM TEMPERATURE before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Place the dehydrated kefir grains in the water and cover with a towel or coffee filter secured with a rubber band.  Allow the mixture to sit for 3 to 4 days until the grains are plump.  Do not allow the mixture to sit for longer than 5 days.
  3. Once the grains are rehydrated, follow the instructions below for making Coconut water kefir.

STEP 2.:  Making the Coconut Water Kefir.

  1. Purchase the Organic Young Thai Coconut Water from your local health food store.  In Calgary, Community Health Food Store carries this in their FREEZER.  This Coconut Water seems to be the best.  The cheaper brands make a poorer quality kefir and I don’t recommend it.
  2. Culture only 1/2 the bottle or 1/3 to start with to make sure it cultures correctly.
  3. Take a 1/2 litre sealer jar and run it through the dishwasher to sterilize it.
  4. Make sure the jar is cooled to room temperature before putting the culture in it.
  5. Use only glass jars and wooden utensils.  Do not put other fermented food near this jar to prevent cross contamination.
  6. Now place 1/3 of the Coconut Water or 1/2 the Coconut Water in the sterilzed jar with the rehydrating kefir grains.
  7. Allow the mixture to culture for 24 to 48 hours before removing the kefir grains.
  8. Please note: Sometimes the grains turn to a powder, do not rinse this…it will disappear down the drain.  Just use it anyway by draining off as much of the Coconut Water Kefir as possible and just reinoculate another fresh batch of Coconut Water by pouring some directly in the same jar as the culture.
  9. For extensive troubleshooting information please visit:  www.culturesforhealth.com/troubleshooting

What To Do Before a Colonic & Other Helpful Tips

14 06 2013
  1.  A towel (bath size) to use as a cover during the colonic.  You save 5$ each time you come inimages-7 and it helps me out with the laundry.

2. A pair of socks.  If you have cold feet, you’ll want to be warm during the colonic.

     3. A snack for after, to replenish electrolytes lost and balance the blood sugar.  A fruit or vegetable snack is ideal.  

    4. Remember to avoid beef, pork, wheat, dairy and any other heavy foods within 48 hours of a colonic. 

5. It is okay to eat a light snack within 2 hours of a colonic, even an apple or raw veges up to 1 hour before.  BUT you do NOT want to have a lot of fluids within 2 hours and certainly not within 1 hour of a colonic.  A bit of water is okay at the 2 hour mark, but no more.  (The colonic flushes out the kidneys too, and you don’t want to have to finish early because you drank too much before you had the colonic.)

   6. Remember to avoid coming to the colonic appointment “starved” for food    because you could feel light-headed and nauseated after the colonic is over, due to the impact it can have on your blood sugars.  If you aren’t certain how you will react, just eat an apple within 1 hour before your appointment and you will be fine or if you are fasting just have a bit of juice within 1 hour of your colonic. (1/2 cup or 125 mL will suffice.)

7.  Take either some Coconut Water Kefir or another fermented food on the day you have your colonics.  Either before or after is good.  Taking your probiotics with your fermented foods will make the probiotic stay in your intestines and implant.  This implant will last a long time when you minimize your exposure to chlorinated water, which means what you drink AND what you shower in.  Ask me more about this when you are in for your appointment.

Gallbladder/Liver Flush

8 01 2013

Gallbladder/Liver Flush.

Check out my new blog post!  Happy New Year!

Gallbladder/Liver Flush

8 01 2013

There are a few myths regarding the liver/Gb flush or the Gallbladder flush as it is also called.  Some of imgres-1the myths are; it is a cleanse, you will get stones stuck in your bile ducts, the stones that come out are really soap created by olive oil and your bile reacting together; it does not really do anything so just get your gallbladder out because you don’t really need it…the list goes on and on.

Here are some facts;  If you use the epsom salts as part of the flush that you are doing…this is the recipe that I recommend AND  you follow the directions of the whole procedure with the help of a Holistic Health Practitioner…then I have never is 17 years seen anyone get a stone stuck in their bile ducts.  I also have seen, and experienced myself, people avoid gallbladder surgery with this procedure.  AND though some natural health practitioners will say that “soap” is made with the flush and the stones are tiny and inside the “green pea” that comes out….I think though there might be an element of truth to this… the fact is that I have seen stones that are large and hard come out of a gallbladder that was removed from a patient..back in my histology days.  So I believe a lot of the stones are larger than what people think.

I can also tell you that in the 17 years I have done these flushes myself and counselled countless others to do the same…I have seen nothing but good come out of this flush.  People who had trouble with years of chronic constipation have been cured plus others, like myself, have avoided this needless Gallbladder surgery.

What is this flush anyway??  You may be asking this.  It is a procedure to “clear the bile pathway through the common bile duct” into the duodenum.  It is not a “cleanse” in the true sense…as cleanses involve using herbs orally along with a cleansing diet…and usually lasts for at least 1 week.  Cleanses involve at least 3 colonics over that same time period.  Cleanses remove toxins at the cellular level…the action of the herbs..and focus on the liver, kidney, lymph and bowel.  Other procedures such as skin brushing are also incorporated in order to intensify the cleanse.  The biggest point to take home with you is this; Cleanses clean cells, Liver/Gallbladder flushes clean out the bile ducts so that the liver can dump the toxins from a cleanse into the bile..the way the liver detoxifies..into the intestines to be eliminated.

Often the Liver/Gallbladder flush is done at the end of a cleanse, but I am here to tell you that…because it assists in getting out the toxins…I believe it should be done at the beginning of the cleanse and also and the end of the cleanse.


A few things to consider if you are contemplating doing this;

1. If it is your first time, consult with a natural health practitioner first.  There are some contraindications and other pre-cleanse procedures that need to be considered in order for the flush to be a success.

2. Have a colonic before and after the first flush for sure and maybe even the second flush.  Most people have to start with 2 flushes spaces out 1 to 2 weeks in order to get the whole gallbladder and liver flushed out.  Some even need to start with 3.  This can be determined when you consult with your Natural Health Practitioner.

3. Make sure you follow the diet recommended before the cleanse, it is mainly the day of…though if it is the first time doing it you may want to do the extended version which requires the lemon juice or apple juice for 5 to 7 days leading up to it.  For those that fast, they will fast on those two juices, for the many that do not fast, they can just eat a fat free diet for 5 to 7 days and incorporate the juices in between meals.

For the Gallbladder/Liver flush instructions please visit my webpage:

Click to access Liver%20and%20Gallbladder%20Flush%202012.pdf


This blogpost does not in any way take the place on consulting with a Holistic Health Practitioner and is definitely not meant to prescribe or treat or give advice.  It is for information purposes only.



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