Follow Up Visits & Our Work & Product Guarantee

6 04 2018

Product & Work Guarantee Guidelinesimages-9

At Hirai Health Services we have a “Product” Guarantee, which means that if you are given a product that you cannot take for some reason then you can return it for a full refund provided you meet these criteria:

For Product Refunds:

              1. You have only taken up to 7 days worth of the remedy prior to discovering that you cannot take it because it bothers you in some regard.  

              2.  You have called the office and talked to me about this first within 2 weeks of your first appointment, before coming back with the item.  (Sometimes it has to do with “how” you are taking the remedy so that if you call first I will talk to you about how to take it properly, if it applies to your remedy/situation.)

             3.  You bring it back to me within 4 weeks of purchasing it from me at the office.

Work Guarantee Criteria:

             1. You have to have had an initial appointment & a follow up at least 6 weeks later in order to “qualify” for a “free” reassessment.

             2. The “free” reassessment would take place no later than 8 week from your “follow-up” visit.

             3. You must have followed, to the best of your ability, the program set out for you in both the “initial” & “follow up” appointment times.  This means both diet & remedy recommendations.

             4. Note: The free reassessment refers to the appointment only, not the remedies.  If you are in need of additional remedies than you would have to pay for these.


In summary, the work guarantee is to “re-assess” why the main symptom or symptom picture has not been improving in the 8 to 12 week period that you have been working on it with my guidance.  Please be aware that some issues require persistence for many weeks or months to get rid of, so in those cases even small improvements are noteworthy and will not qualify  for a “reassessment”.






Coupon Introductory Offer

26 11 2012

Introductory Offer/Coupon

Coupon Offer:

This is an introductory offer for those people who have not had a colonic ever before or it has been more than 3 years and would like to try out having a colonic treatment.  ( Also called a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment.)  You are only allowed to use the coupon once at this clinic, it is simply to try us out to see if we are a fit for you.

The offer is this:

For 40$ plus gst you will get the following;

15 minute phone consultation is done 1 week to 10 days before coming in for the colonic.

A basic regime is given after the “phone consult” form has been filled out and discussed during the actual phone consultation.

One colonic treatment is provided the following week to 10 days after the phone consultation.

The regular cost for this is 95$ to 100$ plus gst.  (5$ is deducted off the total cost if you bring your own large bath towel to use.  The towel is used to cover you from the waist down during the procedure.)

Please indicate whether you would like to do this when you call or email to “book an appointment”.

Subsequent colonics can be booked at the regular price of 70 to 75$.  Three colonics are recommended 1 week apart are recommended.

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