Weight Loss & Colonics

12 11 2012

The colon is a very important organ. The better it functions, the better your mind, skin, glands, liver, kidneys, lungs etc function and the better your energy.

Weight Loss & Colonics just to put a stop to any misconceptions.  Colonics aid in weightloss in the following ways;

a) Increasing assimilation of food will automatically decrease your appetite.  Less food is required when your assimilation is increased. b)Increasing energy levels will increase the activity of the person because they now have the energy to exercise! c) Lymphatic (fats absorb into the lymph.) drainage  will increase especially when combined with skin brushing which will decrease the fat content in your body cells over time.  The lymph has a place to drain when your colon is emptier.  Cellulite can be one symptom of a toxic colon.

Focussing on getting healthier rather than just on losing weight is really a better approach to weight loss.  Portion control and exercise are huge, but there are also other factors.




One response

28 11 2012

I am focusing on getting healthier through a 17 day colon cleanse with my colon hydrotherapist, Vicki Talmage here in SLC. It is great to see that others are on board with the benefits of colonics. I’ll be blogging my colon cleanse journey! And if I’m ever visiting my family in Calgary, I will definitely stop in to check out your Holistic Clinic!

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